How Workforce Is Changing Digitally?


With the covid 19 pandemics, most of the companies were forced to adopt a digital workplace wherein employees could work from their home and this has been now adopted as the new normal. 

How Workforce Is Changing Digitally? Important Methods

Following are the advantages of the digital workplace: –

How Workforce Is Changing Digitally?
  • Easy environment

In the digital environment, employees can work from their homes with ease. Many people have said that initially, it was hard for them to cope up with the new environment as there was no proper setup at home, but after few months most people bought the right furniture to help them with their work.

The home environment has helped many people spend more time with their family and the heavy work schedule seemed much lighter.

  • Increased Efficiency

Many companies have observed that this digital work life has made their employees more efficient. This is mostly due to the added benefit that employees are relaxed in their home environment and many a times employees said that they feel they haven’t worked very so they give in the extra effort for their own satisfaction. 

  • Communication

Communication is the driving force for a successful team. In the Digital workforce, there are many options for online communication and collaboration which can make up the team spirit as it is needed. 

  • Becoming more mobile

With a Digital workplace being established employees have the freedom to work from anywhere they want. They can either work from their home or from a beach view or from the mountains.

Many of the employees currently have been taking their devices and work from many cafes as this provides a much better option with the desired furniture and other options. The change in location also motivates the employees for better productivity.

Many of the companies prior to the covid 19 pandemics had started a digital workforce and have seen quite good results and with this new normal many companies have taken the digital workforce as a permanent option if the employee`s performance is not hindered.

Many companies are also looking in for the hybrid model wherein the employee has to come to the office for a particular day and rest could be worked from home. 

  • The need to work on Transition

Companies need to work effectively in this transition from traditional to digital. It is highly imperative that companies train their employees on how to get full access to this new world and explain to them the visions and missions of the company with this new digital transformation.

Companies find it hard at times to train a new employee as the video systems only provide a limited source of knowledge transfer. Companies or the team leader should make extra efforts in reaching out to the newly joined people so that it becomes easy for them in this transition process.

There are still many drawbacks that are listed with a digital workplace like: –

  • Data Theft

Companies have a higher risk of data theft as the employees will be logging in from all around the world. Companies first need to train the employees on how to log in and never to log in from a free Wi-fi as this makes it easier for the attacker to gain access to the company records very easily. Phishing emails are on the rise with this new work form. Employees should be well trained not to open suspicious emails as well.

  • Lack of interpersonal skills

With this new platform, there won’t be much human-to-human contact and most of the meetings would be via audio and video systems or talks through emails. This will greatly affect the employment relationship in the long run and extra care should be taken to overcome this issue.

  • Increased technology issue

There could be the central point of failure for an employee with increased technology dependence. Companies should come up with alternate options if this ever happens so that the production environment is not affected due to this.

There are many challenges in the Digital Workforce environment but it is the need of the hour and will greatly benefit the companies once deployed fully and once the employees are trained very well.

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