What Motivates You To Be Rich?

One of the main goals of this blog is to help create wealth and abundance in your life.

However, there is something very important before actually proceeding with the acquisition of the knowledge needed to reach that goal, and that you should be very clear about the motivation that drives you want to achieve such abundance.

You know exactly why you want to be rich?

Many people have passed with no clear or even why they want to go to attain wealth and welfare, and is another reason, by which they have not succeeded.

Many times, our motivation comes from the fact that our family is poor, and therefore want to avoid at all costs fall into a similar situation to all who have had difficulties in the monetary issue.

The problem with this reasoning, for example, usually involving anger and resentment.

Other times, our motivation stems from our desire to give our children what we never got to us. Again, a motivation that keeps some misgivings about what our parents did for us, in great measure, with much effort.

Moreover, some people want lots of money to squander thousands of nonsense. There are some who want to help others … and so on.

What is Your Motivation Exactly?

Does it come true nature that negative motivation? Are there feelings of anger included?

Note that you could get rich love him to prove to society that can achieve much more than they think, but if everything is on the downside, it is likely to be rich, but not happy.

The reasons why you want to achieve financial abundance, should be firmly established on principles of righteousness and positive.

This means that if you want to be rich legally, become one of way to enjoy great happiness and achieve preserve that wealth over time, your motivation must be transcendental.

Even if what motivates you, are merely individual reasons. Or in other words, whether you want to do is to make wealth for self-realization to reach a large staff.

If the way you can and want to help others, great. But be clear for sure what will move you to work hard here now and some time to build that wealth.

The reason or reasons you have to make money or achieve success is vital.

If your motivation to buy comes from a root non-productive, such as fear, anger or the need to “prove yourself” Money will never bring happiness.

Remember that your outer world is a reflection of your inner world. What you believe and manifest in your reality, is what you thought and what you eventually want.

Sets today, strong and solid foundation for the wealth that you are about to start building.

Clearly defines the direction you want to travel and do not forget to include the wealth within your goals with the money. Remember that being rich and being happy is perfectly possible to achieve simultaneously.

What motivates you to be rich? Can you share your vision in the comments?