What Makes your Business Better

Sales personnel are often confronted with this issue, on sales calls, and some others, such as “Why should I pay you or your business?” Or “What makes you different?”. Indeed, as mentioned in my last post, they probably spent much time on “Product Knowledge U know exactly how to answer these questions. In answer to questions like these are usually at the end put on the defensive, and will not give you the benefit you expect.

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Think for a moment … If you answer this question, as now all the vendors who have come before you as a sound, and those who follow you. In answering the questions you create “equity” and belief in the minds of the prospect that you feel like everyone else. You must also remember that everything you say will be treated as “sales of food account, and is often listened with skepticism and a” Yes “perspective.

Of course there are many situations where these issues can be made. If they buy this product from someone else. Is a product they have purchased in the past, or is it a product they had never bought? To know where you are now will help determine how best to proceed. Instead of answering questions, you may say: “I will gladly tell you, but I’m curious is a product you have in the past or currently used to buy”. Your answer will be valuable information that we can plan our next.

If they currently use or have previous experience, it would be far more logical than what they have been in the past. If they try to change “what they will do another? It is a question that you can get information that we begin to make our services or to identify you that we do not have what they want. Remember, although they do not buy or not used before, that your information is now a shopping list, allowing you wish to compare the competitiveness and the “commodification” of your offer.

Not always, but often the best answer to a question is another question. In answering this question can only ask:

“Was there something you hoped it would be better? Or

“If we can offer something different or better, what hope have you?”

With these issues in order to find out you are left with the possibility that you can check for this and the answer on the basis of the feedback you receive, crafts.

It requires a little courage and mastery of emotions, to react in this way, but you will see a completely different light made with a view. Stop replying: “What makes you better and better information to help you make more sales!