Ways to Get Rich

Ways to Get Rich

When all will be rich, very few actually succeed.

And leaving a little aside the fact that the mentality is influencing this situation (because it certainly does and greatly) perhaps one of the problems it presents to people when they want to get rich, after having decided that that’s what they want and there’s nothing wrong with wanting something, is not knowing exactly how to be rich.

Now, I would say that there have been, are and will be enrichment cases are not covered by this article, many of them fall into categories such as Wills, Divorce, Robbery (or failing that, any illegally to get a lot money) or Lucky (lottery and stuff). Other ways to make money, especially if you are from Europe or Australia is trading binary options. This is an easy way to make money witin 60 seconds, because you only have to predict the correct outcome of a stock or commodity.

These above certainly are methods that people have used to get rich, but we do not provide the best guarantees we might want if we are looking for wealth, happiness, personal fulfillment, and above all persistence in our generation of wealth time.

Basically, getting rich (or richer) is to make money consistently, so that the amount increased and maintained over time coming to give us freedom in some way. Not rich who earn $ 100,000 a month, and spends 110,000.

Wealth is certainly not a lot of money.

But neither is rich who earn $ 5,000 a month and spend $ 2,000. To be truly rich, the amount of money must be such that it limits us to do what you want to do.

Many will say that with $ 5,000 dollars a month is enough, but I will go against always of the mindset of scarcity, based on the fact that we are limitless beings, our minds can achieve great things and limit in quantity, you can only limit our potential to go much further, better achievements and become better people over time.

We should not be satisfied with a small amount of money (whether enough to survive) if we have the ability to reach further in our purposes. And this is even truer when our generation of wealth includes benefit to others as a basic principle to make the money flow.

Ways to Earn Money

So let’s talk of the ways that allow us to make money, according to the way society is organized today.


The typical form. The classic.

It is with employment, income and receive 90% of people earning money in the world. I would say this is the easy way, that of the lazy. I do not want to offend anyone, do not confuse me.

I say that of the lazy, because those who are employed, they could not find another method that requires less effort and generate more profits, stability and growth. It is no secret that there are better ways to make money with a job. A job is the slowest way to do it, and indeed, having a job today is becoming more risky option of all, then why:

A job is to exchange your time for money, do not work, do not pay
A job is not yours, any time you can remove it without hesitation
Since it is not yours, not your children will inherit when you do not exercise it possible
The options for growth in employment, will always depend on you to study more
As much as you give raises or better jobs, you always have a limit
Companies no longer offer guarantees such as retirement, is long gone
Now, they hire you for a certain period of time, or work on a project
The benefits are becoming smaller and more limited taxable
Generally, a job is repetitive, and it keeps you from growing bored
Clearly, this is NOT a good way to get rich.


On the other hand there is the option of not working for anyone, but working for yourself.

This seems a better option, however, we still have one of the most important problems of being in a job and is first mentioned previously:

With the self, just as you exchange your time for money
If you do not work, even if you are your own boss, you do not win.

The day you get sick, you will stop receiving money, or the day you just do not feel motivated to dedicate to you. A self can give you much more freedom to start building your wealth, but do not be fooled, do not want to stay as long as self-employed. Everything will be the same, only your boss, now you. And sometimes it is better to deal with the inconsistencies of others than with oneself.

Business / Company

Having a business or company finally seems to be an excellent choice. We could also generalize the word business or enterprise system.

A computer system is not necessarily, electrical or electronic. It is simply any set of elements organized in a way to carry out a function in an orderly and predictable results.

For example, a well known system is the respiratory system.

Another system may be one of wealth creation, based on the production and sale of products (one of the business models, business or most used system in the world).

Another great example of a system of wealth generation, denominable as business or company can be a multilevel, although my limited experience prevents me from speaking the subject enough to recommend it or not.

Finally, another wealth-generating system could be a website, or sale of a virtual service or a product like a book, or any endeavor that anyone would take to put in automatic money creation based on benefit to others.


And finally, many of the great world’s wealthiest are investors.

Although to be an investor, you should not have much capital, they should have a great ability to handle money, and usually, investors own the first generation systems of money (the method mentioned above).

Investing your money is the best way to preserve and grow, plus it also allows you to benefit others on the road.

Way To Get Rich Necessary

The ideal way to get rich then, might include spending by all previous methods.

If you’re in a job now, you can start developing your own self to depend on no one initially. Then you could make an entire company and hire more people, or make it automatic function that does not require the direct exchange of your time on generating money.

Subsequently, then you’re a business owner and the money flow into your life, you could start investing your money and make it grow month by month.

If you are not working, it is best to not start a job, unless it is absolutely necessary in terms of superviciencia. Ideally, in this case is to start with a self or a venture that allows you to input your own business and generate wealth from the beginning.

The generation of wealth through a company is perhaps the most complex and requires more persistence and temperance of all.

It is precisely because it is difficult, that many businesses fail today. And it also explains why many are not rich. But I think if it wants to achieve great wealth, then to reprogram your mind for success, get rid of false beliefs and myths that prevent us continue and be predisposed to win in what we set out, start The Path of Entrepreneurship, is the best option these days.

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