Updating IOS Software In The iPhone.How To Do It?


IOS is the iPhone operating system made by Apple incorporated and is used in all iPhones. This operating system powers the iPhone and the iPad.

Apple has its own app store which is the equivalent of the Google play store on Android applications.

What Are The Features In New Update?

There are more than 2 million apps available in the apple store and several billion apps on IOS updating have been downloaded ever since the launch of the IOS in 2007.

Apple Inc updates its operating system once a year and the latest version IOS 14 was launched in September 2020.        

Updating IOS Software In The iPhone

An iPhone automatically asks for an IOS update when the latest version becomes ready. It is recommended that the latest version be updated in the iPhone of users in order to prevent any security threats.

The first stage before the updating process begins is to clean the phone of old unwanted files. For accessing the storage, a user needs to go to settings followed by general and then select phone storage. A colorful bar with a category-wise list of which sections are consuming more space. Most iPhones are cluttered with photos, videos, and apps. It is recommended the user offload apps instead of deleting them. The advantage of offloading apps is that the data and files remain and can be accessed if the app were to be downloaded again at a later stage. Tapping on the Photos app in the storage section, there will be options to save photos in the cloud and in the recently deleted section.

The next step is to backup files before downloading the IOS update. Creating a backup to a computer is recommended. Computers with windows need to have iTunes installed. During the first backup, the system will issue a prompt on the phone and a passcode will need to be entered to begin the backup process. 

In order to begin the IOS updating, the basic things to ensure before the updating begins is at 50% battery charge and wi-fi connected and secure.

Updating over the air (OTA) can be done but it is not recommended because only the changes in IOS are downloaded. It is better to upgrade through iTunes.

At this stage, the iPhone may ask for an automatic download of the update. If this has not happened, the option download and install options are to be selected and tapped. If the update has already been downloaded, the iPhone prompt will ask to install only. There are times when error messages come up during the verification of the update. In such a situation, it is better to re-download and re-install the update. Care must be taken, however, to go to the IOS update in phone storage and delete the update before re-downloading it. 

If the update is being downloaded from a connected computer, it is better to connect with a cable in spite of the fact that both devices are connected by wi-fi. Once connected by wire, a device selection icon will appear. The connected iPhone is to be selected and its page will open. The user can select the option of check for updates. A popup menu will prompt the availability of the new version of IOS. Once the option of download and install is selected, the update will start.

Once the update has been installed, whether from the iPhone or a connected computer, the iPhone will need to switch off and restart. After restart, the opening Apple logo will appear. If the system hangs and does not go beyond the Apple logo, the update may need to be re-installed. The iPhone goes to the hello screen and some menus will open up, asking to agree to changes. The iPhone system will ask for the cloud details to be reentered. The next stage is to update individual apps installed on the iPhone.  Unwanted apps have already been removed at the beginning for creating space and the remaining apps will also need to be updated. The apps will need to be updated from the iPhone only as updating apps from iTunes is no longer allowed.


This completes the updating process. The iPhone is now ready for use for another year until the new version of IOS appears.

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