The Wholesale Formula Review [2022] – Most Concise & Comprehensive Training?


The Wholesale Formula program aims to catalyze and support online sales businesses on Amazon and earn profits.

This is a unique system that helps you participate in the fast marketing world and helps you lead the race.

The Wholesale Formula Review – Legal And Safe Money Making Course?

Amazon is one of the leading online shopping markets used by every other person; the wholesale formula exposes your business to a completely different selling approach on Amazon.

If your business is looking for the desired success with Amazon generating the most persistent, predictable and profitable income, the wholesale formula is the right way.

It is okay if all the words are not believable, but to further generate the ultimatum amount of cash flow, read The Wholesale Formula review.

The Wholesale Formula Review
Course TitleThe Wholesale Formula
Product TypeAmazon wholesale business course
CreatorsDan Meadors and Dylan Frost
Course Modules6 Modules
Course Duration3 Days live workshop
The Wholesale Formula Price$2,497 (one-time) or $997 (3 monthly payments)
Official WebsiteClick Here

What is The Wholesale Formula?

Amazon wholesale course has been proven to be the most concise and comprehensive training available now.

The Wholesale Formula states it is based on a reverse wholesaling process.

Dan & Dylan Wholesale Method, along with their students, has successfully generated more than half a billion dollars to date.

Dan and Dylan’s wholesale formula earned them over $30,000,000 in less than two years, while they started the business with less than $600.

They have also been privileged to delegate the everyday operations of their business transactions to get more spare time.

The two of them have conducted numerous wholesale formula workshops inspiring all the small-town businesses to reach great Heights.

The reverse wholesaling consists of three main stages. They are Scout, Source, Sell.

The Wholesale Formula Review-workshop

How does The Wholesale Formula Work?

Any wholesale formula works when the brand owner sells his goods to the wholesaler, and the wholesaler passes them on to the Amazon seller.

Still, in the Reverse Sourcing Wholesale Formula, the brand owner can directly send it to the Amazon seller. The model is based on a very simple ideology.

The product you want to sell will be directly from a factory from the United States to an Amazon warehouse approximately within a week.

The Wholesale Formula Youtube channel helps us with the other processes that one can adapt to put one’s business in the headlines.

The official website provides us with the Wholesale formula, where we can find the basic idea behind the approach.

It uses the three techniques of Scouting or searching for the right product, sourcing it from the direct owner, and selling it online.

This removes any need for intermediaries in sales and keeps the wholesale prices low.

Who Created the Wholesale Formula?

Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost are the creators of the Wholesale Formula. 

Dan was fired from his job in 2011 when he, along with his friend Dylan started the house in business earlier the same year.

Being born in Kentucky, which is the sixth poorest state in the United States of America, did not aim high in life.

However, together they made their goals to reach high with Amazon sales. 

Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost’s Wholesale Method, along with their students, have successfully generated more than half a billion dollars to date.

Dan and Dylan Wholesale Formula have earned them over $30,000,000 in just less than two years, while they started the business with less than $600.

They have also been privileged to delegate the everyday operations of their business transactions so they could spend more time with their families and less at work.

The two of them have conducted numerous Wholesale Formula workshops inspiring all the small-town businesses to reach great heights.

The Wholesale Formula Review-Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost

What’s inside The Wholesale Formula?

The Amazon Wholesale course comes in six modules and extra bonus material. In the wholesale formula, the first module is the orientation.

The second is product analysis, the third is scouting, the fourth is value properties, the fifth is sourcing, and the 6th is the ultimate growth. 

⭐ Orientation

The first module gives you the basic idea and the key to building a deep-rooted foundation of the whole-cell formula business model and introduces you to the steps vital to start your business.

⭐ Product Analysis

It is very necessary to go through all the products and judge which product has the right potential to determine your profit.

This product analysis helps you to find the right product and analyze it efficiently and effectively.

⭐ Scouting

Next, come the methods in which you shall find the right wholesale product faster but efficiently.

The scouting techniques that are used are Leaf Sourcing, Super Targeting, and Amazon filtering.

⭐ Value Propositions

It is very necessary to present your brand to the rest in a way they can’t resist. So, pricing is a vital point here. The Amazon experts will help you through the whole process. 

⭐ Sourcing

This one helps you in discovering the sales system. Usually, they connect with brand owners and open a wholesale account, negotiating them at lower prices.

Sourcing helps you to find the right sales to place your initial orders and reorders, making sure that you never overlook a sale.

⭐ Growth

This discusses how to scale up your business once it is set up.

How Much Money Can You Make With The Wholesale Formula?

It is essential to estimate profits and then sell your product. You can count and calculate your income in 4 basic steps.

The program has provided a simple calculation to estimate your earnings. The first is to determine the best seller rank and add one to it.

In the second step, we divide the Jungle Scout monthly sales estimation by the first result. In the 3rd step, we multiply the amount in the second step with the box of the price you bought.

As the last step, you multiply the answer of the 3rd step with 0.15, and you get your profit.

The Wholesale Formula Reddit reviews have shown the significant profits users have earned with this formula.

Here is an example of the calculation:

We consider the competitive seller to be 3, the jungle scout estimator to be 7,680 the price of the box to be $32.95.

Now, all we have to do is add one to the competitive seller, which makes it 4. Next, we divide 7,680 by 4 to get 1,920. Now we multiply the second result with the box of the price, which gives us $63,264.

To calculate the final profit, we multiply the 3rd result by 0.15, which gives us the result of $9490. Thus, your monthly income results in $9,490. 

This example is made considering a very nominal estimate of 15% profit. This itself gives and generates a profit on one product of $9,490 every month.

The Wholesale Formula Bonuses 

There are several bonuses available with the Wholesale Formula program:

👉 It is always easier to launch your products with a technologically advanced website. But building a website itself might cost you over $1000 just to outsource. Here the wholesaler site already provides you with a sales platform with a retail value of $999.95

👉 Statistics is one of the essential tools to calculate business earnings. It is seen that many of the sellers pay a sum of $719.64 per year just to manage their sales. 

👉 The third bonus is the Seller Mail. This is efficient and top quality software that gives you 5-star reviews on the products sold. This was mainly designed by Philip Jospin and is being given to you free for lifetime usage.

👉 The fourth bonus is to list your levels up. It provides a Wholesale Formula workshop that will advise you to take procedures and steps for the optimum advancement of your business.

👉 Any website is dependent on the eye-catching keywords that you use. This fifth bonus helps you find the right keywords to attract the viewers.

👉 The sixth bonus comes with a detail made- in the report.  All you have to do is fill in the blanks of the template that you’re given with the products that you are willing to sell.

👉 Advertisements are a vital point in launching any business. The right Amazon ads will achieve the goals you always desired your business to reach.

👉 This bonus is basically a virtual assistant placement, which will do most of your Amazon wholesale business work and saves you time.

How can you get your hands on The Wholesale Formula?

The Wholesome Formula Reddit reviews show that the product has successful sales. For more knowledge, visit the product website.

The creators have priced the product at $ 2497. You can either make the full payment or pay in 3 installments for $997 each. It also comes with a 30-days complete refund guarantee.

Final Verdict – The Wholesale Formula Review

As already said in The Wholesale Formula review, complaints are almost negligible. This absolutely depends on the way you use it.

The Wholesale formula is a compact, well structured, risk-free, yet profitable program for your business. An overwhelming, 422 students have generated a profit of over $1,000,000 on an average scale. This data itself provides us with an outlook on the amount of profit your business can look forward to. 

The Wholesale Formula will teach you how to attend optimum visibility and reach the top. 

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