The trick to making money on the web

The trick to making money on the web

What is the magic formula for making money on the web?

The web has not finished its gold rush. We all dream of making a max of wheat and become the “next big thing.” Unfortunately, there is little known and even fewer elected!
What strikes me most when you watch what happens is that those who make money on the web generally pass unnoticed. By cons, those who do a lot of losses are well known!

Why Does insists on copying ideas up to date? Why ~ 50% of the population has changed his idea sauce Digg, MySpace, YouTube, and company? Why the majority of projects related websites social networking and other concepts already existing thousands of times? Above all, why copy sites that do not have money? Hopefully it really make more money than the original site who does not?
In my studies, I have the chance to further successes on the web. And they are not what one believes. Yes, there are a few big names that we accept as MySpace, Digg and Facebook. But name me profitable sites that are profitable and a success unknown to the general public?
However, there are tons of small businesses that make money with Internet. Whether they are full time sellers on eBay or providers of B2B services, they are not up to date, but provide a product or service that meets a need. That’s it!

No need to copy the buzz of the moment to succeed. Besides, to my knowledge, the buzz of the moment is rarely money. You will also confirm that more advertising Google can not really pay. Unless you have several million page views per month! In your environment, which has such a site?
Maybe I’m too down to earth. Maybe I’m not ambitious enough or simply that I do not think the chances of success at a big big deal. I already had my chance in 2000 when I sold my sites. This is not the kind of thing happens a few times in 2 years!

Still, I think to make money on the Internet, we need to stop watching the headlines. We must step back and wonder if it’s worth. Rather, we must ask who really makes money and how they do. It is difficult to find precisely because these companies are not very visible.
Tour the regular sellers on eBay. What do they sell? How often and at what price? Otherwise, look in the directories on the Internet, Yahoo! eg. Take an hour or two to navigate sites in companies that are unknown to you. You see so many strange ideas that great. The aim is to discover how people are successful. Even if their success is not only the first page of the NY Times.

In the same vein, 95% of millionaires are very ordinary people. They have no Porsche or huge houses and have a lifestyle comparable to many people. I’m pretty sure that 95% of Internet websites profitable seem very ordinary. However, they could give lessons in management in many web entrepreneurs. Starting with how to find a good idea and make.

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