The Transcendence of Monetary Problems

Many people say they do not want money in abundance.

That’s simply not what they need to be happy. Money in abundance for many is simply unnecessary.

These people claim they can live peacefully, enjoy a good life and be smooth with little money. And of course, do not rule out the possibility that this is possible.

But do you know? People like this really makes up a large minority. Not all who have this philosophy become happy with little, even if they apply Frugality.

Money problems are statistically the number one cause of divorce, fights, murders, among others, worldwide.

This means that you’re refuge in the fact that having little money will make you happy, you have to really work hard over esforzarĂ­as getting what you actually achieve wealth.

Finally, it remains much easier to be happy in abundance in scarcity. Do not you think?

Please note that your current monetary situation is a reflection of your current mental and psychological situation. That is, if you’re poor, your mentality is a poor mentality. If you hold debt and looking for security in banks, your mentality is based on fear and the need to have the support of others (or not wanting to be without support) … etc.

Of course there are cases of people with really little have been extremely happy. Many might mention Mother Teresa of Calcutta. But I would not say she was poor. It was actually a pretty abundant. I never really had money problems, never lacked food and could contribute thousands and thousands and thousands of people in need.

It’s an urban myth, that we can be happy being poor. And at the other end, that being rich makes us unhappy.

Touch your heart and ask yourself: If you enjoyed sufficient abundance as to have no concerns at any time, and my family could enjoy such abundance, how would I feel?

Now tell me do you feel in your chest to ask that?.

Perhaps what many feel, a combination of happiness with sadness for not having at that time such abundance.

What happens is that we have conflicting thought patterns in wealth. And while on the one hand we would have it to enjoy life as we think we deserve, on the other we believe that fairy tale that money will make us unhappy.

Certainly the money itself does not produce happiness, but to be objective, we can realize that unhappiness does not generate its own.

Now what do you think that the main reason for the breaks in dating and marriages is money?

Why do you think that many children are spoiled by not being able to be near his parents because they work all day?

The money does not cause unhappiness, but the shortage itself.

The shortage is something that concerns us, rather than as human beings like animals and more originally, we must avoid at all costs if we want to survive.

So do whatever it takes to get out from this problem, incidentally using obsolete mechanisms such as blaming others, using paradigms to try to excuse and lots of trivialities.

Really if you have not consciously thought, the absence or lack of abundance, is a huge problem. Not enjoy wealth and abundance may bring more problems to your life than you think.

Many more of those who mistakenly thought you would have a lot of money.

Now, if you received a lot of money at this very moment, the chances are that in a couple of years you were in the same situation as today. Because your subconscious is programmed like a thermostat to keep your temperature stable at the point where it is today.

The generation of wealth is completely gradual and we can go our temperature rise over time. But we can not increase it to stop overnight, that’s technically impossible.

Those who win the lottery just after a time are as before, because your thermostat forces them to get rid of all his money to be in his comfort zone again.

The happiness you can bring your life to have reached a point where you have built a wealth on your own and know that you can enjoy freedom, is something completely unique.

Something that those who claim that the rich are unhappy, not even remotely know, why excuse themselves in such lies.

Today I suggest you pay a little more of your attention to your money problems and effectively take action to ensure that an abundance of minimized until they disappear.