The Most Simple Google Ads Campaign tips And tricks 2021

The Most Simple Google Ads tips And tricks 2021 - A Step By Step Guide

Earlier last year itself with all the continuous lockdowns, restrictions on services, and a significant reduction in the number of face-to-face interactions between businesses and their customers, businesses were required to be extremely agile to adapt to ongoing changes within the market. 

Top 6 Tips For Simple Google Ads

It is obvious that the businesses like digital marketing which was considered notorious have emerged with thrust and became a reality but this time not like the worst choice but as a complete essential one. Also, the pandemic has made almost all businesses much more diligent in how they spent their marketing budgets. In digital marketing, advertisements stand on top of the list. When it comes to advertising the google is the largest platform to earn a pile amount of money but still, on Google, you only have a limited amount of space and time available to win the searcher’s attention. Also, whatever content you are inputting should be catchier and attractive. With only 30 characters allowed in the headline, it can be hard to write a compelling advert. Still, it is not an impossible thing all you need is to learn some quick tricks to draw the attention of the viewers lets have a quick review on simple google ads tips and tricks which help to convert the advertising into a piece of cake for the user.

The Most Simple Google Ads tips And tricks 2021 - A Step By Step Guide

Tip1: Apply top conversion paths.

We can use the Top Conversion Paths report on Google Analytics to analyse the user behaviour flow. To find this, click on “Conversions” on Google Analytics in your left sidebar, then “Multi-Channel Funnels”, and select “Top Conversion Paths”. Use the advanced settings to show only paths from users who have visited from the MCF Channel Grouping Path including “Paid”. Once this is done, we can choose to show a secondary dimension for “Search Query Path”. Ensure only valuable conversions are shown on this report and set the lookback window to 90 days to see the maximum amount of data. It allows the user to look at the different visits a viewer makes before successfully converting including viewing the search terms they used to be matched with your ads on Google.

Tip2: Outsmart your Competitors Ads.

It is a fact that in every industry, there are competitors. An Ad Word campaign is no different. If your competitors’ Google ads are ranking highly, analysing their secrets helps your ads to perform better. You can use SpyFu to check out your competitor’s best performing keywords, for both organic listings and paid ads. Go to the website and you can view the search box, type your competitor’s URL. Click the search icon. Followed by you will see an overview of your competitor’s match keyword performance. You will also see the estimated monthly PPC clicks and more.

Tip3: Avoid the usage of negative keywords.

Instead of using negative keywords in your campaign try creating Negative Keyword Lists which is found in the Account Library and apply these at the campaign level where applicable. Keep these lists closely themed, such as having a negative keyword list for; competitors, cheap/DIY type searches, and to prevent ads appearing for users searching for irrelevant searches. A business may offer Professional car parking as a service and want to bid on the keyword “car parking”. The problem is, there are 3,600 searches for “Car parking in lane” each month, and only 390 searches for “car parking”, as such, without having the negative keyword, “car”, you would run the risk of wasting your budget each day without any users having the chance to find you for the services you offer.

Tip4: Assure your location targeting is right.

Always assure that your location targeting is correct, this is likely due to one pesky hidden campaign setting. When you create a new campaign the default location targeting setting is set to target users “In, regularly in, or show interest in your targeted locations”. The problem with this is, I do not care if someone in another location has spent a few hours binging YouTube documentaries on the history of Vikings in London. They are very unlikely to avail of the services of an emergency plumber in Yorkshire if they are currently located somewhere far. To fix this, simply change the setting to “People in, or regularly in your target locations”. This can be found by selecting your campaign, clicking on settings, expand your location settings, and click on “Location Options”. Once here, you can edit your setting and click save. You should now no longer receive clicks on this campaign from users outside your target areas.

Tip5: Optimize for mobile platforms.

More searches are being conducted on mobile devices these days. To create more leads, you need to create more mobile platforms which support google ads. It is important to recognize the impact of mobile on PPC advertising so that you can optimize accordingly. When you are running a Google Ads campaign, you may be tempted to focus on just PCs, but mobile already has the upper hand in total search volume for a keyword match. It is a lot easier to convert mobile users who click your Google ads, whether on the search networks or display networks, because of the level of intimacy that a smartphone device provides.

Tip6: Use the accurate bidding strategy.

To put it simply, Google allows you to choose from one of two types of bidding, a manual bidding strategy, or an automated bidding strategy. The benefits of using automated bidding are that Google uses historical data and machine learning to optimize the performance of your bidding strategy. Manual bidding strategies, whilst not benefiting from historical data and machine learning, allow us to have much more control over how much we pay for our clicks. For this reason, we generally recommend users start with the manual bidding strategy, manual CPC, and starting off bidding low. When the account begins delivering results and has a higher volume of clicks and conversions, we can then move over to an automated bidding strategy, such as Target ROAS, Maximise Conversions, Maximise Clicks.

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