How To Set Up Offline Conversions In Google ADs?

How To Set Up Offline Conversions In Google ADs?

Thanks to the recent updates, offline conversion tracking has become kind of a norm these days. The applicable campaigns for such conversions are B2C, B2B, Lead Generation, along with Ecommerce.

Before we dive in, you need to know what offline conversions really are.

How To Set Up Offline Conversions In Google ADs?

To put it simply, offline conversions mean how your investments online have impacted your sales or conversion rates offline. One of the examples of this might be how a customer saw your ad on the internet and visited your physical store for purchase.

Wouldn’t it have been nice to know how your investments in your online ad campaigns are driving the traffic towards your offline sales, or your physical stores? You may even want to know whether people are calling or sending you a WhatsApp text after looking at your ad.

There may even be a retailer who wants to deal with your products and came across them because of your ad campaigns. If you could get all this information in one place, then you’ll know the correct return on investment (ROI) on your online campaigns.

The above examples are as simple as understanding how a customer came across your online ads and clicked on it. You may not have received or direct enquiry or sale via this click but that customer approaches you via Email, text, a form submission on the website, or call.

How To Set Up Offline Conversions In Google ADs?

One of the most important things in this is UTMs. These are like trackers that are put into your links. And when anybody clicks those links, you can know the source/medium in Google Analytics.

How To Get Started?

There are two major ways to go about it. One is to import from an existing or usual source. The other is to upload from connections or files.

While using a known CRM or ESP, also known as Email Service Provider, or even a shopping platform, the easiest way to go about it is by uploading directly from the HTTPS.

This can enable you to easily log in to your ” Source Of Truths” and connect them to your Google Ads. What is a Source Of Truth? Well, a Source Of Truth is collecting the data from many platforms or organizations and bringing them all to a single location. This is basically a document where you can find the data related to all your business activities in a single place.

If you are choosing Google Sheets instead then the best way to start this practice is by choosing the right template. You didn’t find the right template for yourself just by Googling it.

One important thing to note here is that whoever is setting up these conversions should at least have a “Standard” access level. And if one happens to have “Admin” access that is great too and actually much more preferred.

Offline Conversion Integrations Of Non-standard Level

To put it in a straightforward way, custom integrations call for a more technical setup. Now, this doesn’t mean that your brand will be disqualified from offline conversions.

Unlike the majority of imports, custom imports require some work in one’s third-party tool. Due to the customized settings, it is definitely the best pad that can enable or call trackings in an effective way.

The next step only requires you to configure the conversions after going into your tools.


The above information might seem a bit daunting, but when you actually do it, it is pretty simple. Then again, there are a lot of YouTube videos that you can watch to figure out on your own.

While these conversions may not seem a lot or of significance to many entrepreneurs or business owners, this is really the future. However, if you do decide to go into the selection make sure that you go into it the right way.

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While for a layman all these instructions may seem way too technical in nature, it is always a good idea to take the help of an expert. You can find such experts within your reach at any local digital marketing agency. The professionals there can help you a lot with offline conversions and with anything else that you might need to boost your business online.

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