Why Can’t I Send Automatic Messages On Twitter?

Why Can't I Send Automatic Messages On Twitter?

In this digital world, we must handle numerous social media platforms at a time especially when you are a social media influencer or in a related field. Handling platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest is not an easy task. As a frequent user losing focus on one platform could ruin your staying up to date image. Let us take the case of Twitter which is a very popular global platform to handle the messages reply is not an easy task especially when the user is an influencer. For this, any user needs an improved way to put you on top of the list. In other words, any user who desires to perform automatic messaging requires a unique platform to support you in messaging for your various works on Twitter like videos, blogs and to helps you to achieve more audience. So, in this review let us investigate Various Applications To Boost And Support Automatic Messages On Twitter

Various Applications To Boost And Support Automatic Messages On Twitter

  • Crowdfire: This is defined as one of the most effective tools for sending a direct automated message on Twitter. Earlier it was known as ‘just follow’ as a social media engagement tool. The application is vital to core creators. It allows you to schedule not only automatic messages on Twitter but also posts on Instagram. One advantage of this app is that you can add several welcome direct messages, and they will all be sent out randomly. This is helpful because it will show creativity and will not make your messages sound monotonous.
Why Can't I Send Automatic Messages On Twitter?
  • Holr: This is a very popular multipurpose application that can be used for both Twitter and Instagram. The automated messages that are sent through Holr will be mentioned with the tool name after the free trial. Not only to new followers, but Holr also helps the user to send messages to all at once. Holr can relate to Twitter by using “Add Account” under the Accounts menu in the left sidebar. To send the message to all followers; you can select “All Followers.” Greet your new followers with custom messages and send a message to a specific list of followers. And regarding safety, the password and account details that are entered are not stored anywhere.
  • Tweet Manager: This tool performs a similar function with a personal assistant on Twitter. The role of sending automated direct messages is carried out correctly. Besides sending messages, it can show other vital tasks such as schedule tweets, post messages in bulk, set up automated retweets. Also, the app is user-friendly when compared to other tools used for automated direct messages. With these tools, you can track Twitter users by entering the desired keywords with the tweet manager. You can make use of multiple Twitter accounts using a secure managing facility.
  • Hootsuite: This is one of the oldest tools for social media users to send automated direct messages on Twitter. However, it cannot send an automated message. It can allow you to send the message to anybody if you do not leave its interface. The tool can be used to manage social media pages as well as promote these pages. However, it is not a free tool, especially if you want to make use of the pro version and all its benefits. One advantage is that it allows you to synchronize multiple social media profiles.
  • Social Oomph: Social Oomph is one of the most promising tools for sending automated direct messages. As we already said it is not an easy task to greet all the followers by sending personal messages to each and every one. It is very time-consuming and includes a lot of manual work. This hurdle can be overcome with the help of Social Oomph. Social Oomph is a paid tool and worth every penny. 
  • Unfollow Spy: Unfollow Spy is a 100% free social media management tool that is a great companion for Twitter for sending automated direct messages, like Social Oomph. The tool is user-friendly and easy to operate and manage the account in a secure manner. Some of the key features of this application include that it can be used on mobile phones since it is compatible with all smartphones and tablets. And it makes it easy to track people who are following you with their social media accounts through real-time reports.

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