Rich, Poor and Middle Class

Rich, Poor and Middle Class

One of the most important thing to understand when seeking financial freedom and affluence, is the classification to which we belong.

Today I want to input something that may (and reading the title) could affect many people.

First of all, let me clarify that this is NOT a way to discriminate or label people and concepts in this articles we will handle only the use to refer to ourselves and analyze ourselves with respect to different social groups, not by their number of money, but for quality of success they have achieved.

All the time we sold the idea that the rich have no quality of life, that they are unhappy and they are so poor that all they have is money.

I would say that there is nothing further from reality, especially when he says this is a person who is not rich. Perhaps it is also often associated with fame wealth.

Many actors and artists are struggling with precisely because of his fame, and is that being in the eyes of millions of people could not be more stressful. A life without doubt difficult to carry, but somehow or another to those who manage to thrive, the incredibly successful exploits of their careers and are leveraged to new heights.

It is hard to be liked around the world, and that is what makes many people think that all the famous people is somehow immoral, drug addict, miserable, perverted … (you name).

But the worst is linking this with the rich. Those who have much money and they keep it, but actually are not in the eyes of millions, or hundreds of thousands … and perhaps not in thousands.

They dare to speak of them not knowing and not knowing truly wealthy. Clearly, if we know someone middle class apparently much money, that person will surely have a lot of debt and economic problems, but their “being apparent” proven otherwise.

Clearly, if you do not know a real rich How would you know if the rich are happy? Do you believe everything the television tells you?.

The truth is that irritates me a bit to hear people say things like: “Poor and Unhappy Rich” … or “Ahhhh I’d rather be poor but be happy.” It is natural that a sense of these outbreak in us as human beings, simply because many people envy the rules. And when they have what others if they seek to hide behind excuses like that if they are unhappy or greedy, or bad.

Put aside those who have illegally enriched, because they would simply be the exception to the rule. Of course these people are bad lot. But we can not stigmatize the whole of society by a few. Furthermore Where do you learn things about the rich apart from television?

I remember that whether you are rich or poor do not need to watch your pockets and your bank account. But your mind.

Although many sound stupid, they know that the rich are rich, no matter how much money they have. A poor person can get a lot of money (like the lottery or an inheritance) and losing in 5 years or less. Likewise, a rich person can go broke, and get your money at that time also (or so … as did Donald Trump).

Depending on the aspirations we have in our lives and the way we see the world and the money, so it will be our results. And watch out! Not just about money but about everything we do.

That’s one of the keys to be rich. One is not rich because. Being rich, one usually has a purpose, which is often linked to benefit others. This makes entrepreneurs whose companies create and distribute high quality products that benefit consumers and these will generate revenues.

You are very rich in proportion to how many people you help along the way. And if you can establish a system to do it automatically, you will be even richer.

Many however do not like the word: rich.

I personally find it exciting to be rich. Again, it depends on the amount of money I have at this time, and this is not an excuse to say that I’m in the process of getting everything I want, and I did well in the short road I’ve traveled but I have very clear, that the rich and the poor have the same 86,400 seconds a day. Neither more nor less. So what people do with that time, what makes them rich or poor.

No one can add or remove a second of the day and say that it is poor … and that’s why they became rich. It is depending on what you do over time, from which the results.

If you’ve had the same time that many rich people your age who have forged their own fortune What you lack?. It’s a question I am constantly myself. I know cases of people around 4 or 5 years were in a situation similar to mine, which is simply not a millionaire. But they have been parties, and of course, I also at the same time or less can do it, but I did not. Why?

It is perhaps an awkward question but it is ultimately more motivating for me, because it makes me ponder that success in life and wealth are but states of mind and internal issues, not external.

Now, giving honor to the title of this article, I share with you the vision of the poor, rich and middle class, so you can identify which side are you now (do not think in advance that you’re in the middle class) and the side where you want to be in some time.

If you do not want to be rich, you can stop reading now.

Poor People

Poor people are those who have no home, no money to pay bills. It is a very misleading concept. Nor are those strata zero or one.

I know people with giant salaries are poor.

I also know people with small salaries are middle class. And many with the same small wages grew rich.

What are the poor then?

The poor are that part of humanity that simply seems to have an innate hatred for the money. Somehow or other, and reject everything that has to do with the rich, his favorite is the story of King Midas.

They say all the time that couples like: “Money and happiness”, “Money and love”, “Money and humility” and even “money and human warmth” can not go together.

That’s the big difference to the rich. The poor think of one or the other thing. Rich in both.

If you’ve ever had negative thoughts about money, think very well Are they really yours these thoughts?.

Just yesterday I saw television for a while (usually go months without to) and had a soap opera in which a woman must decide whether to inherit the fortune of her late husband, or give it up to find his true love.

The only thing I thought upon seeing this was: Why the hell can not have both?.

And it became very clear as the media are also responsible for cultivating the thought poor us what purpose? I do not know … Does it matter? … NO! As they are poor!

I would not worry to ask me what the objectives of the media all the time I’m being bombarded with thoughts of poverty, and even the people closest to me. What if I care about is being rich, and for that I must carry out the execution of enrichment plans based on the benefit to others and the quality of human being, without neglecting the happiness or love for anything world.

I am convinced that all these things can be achieved simultaneously and on my way to achieve them. The good news is that you can also choose that path.

Middle class

This is one of the turning points in matters of wealth and poverty.

The middle class consists of those who seek comfort, but also have negative thoughts about money. They want to appear to others to be rich. And many times confused the poor to the rich and that’s where comes most fanciful stories and stories about the rich.

It’s funny because one of the best ways to succeed is to avoid being comfortable all the time, and this is the goal of the middle class.

The comfort should be a side result of our efforts, not a primary objective. The quality of life should be a prime target. You can not have quality of life if we do not help others along the way.

Many are not simply middle-class people NEVER do anything for others, are always busy solving their own problems. And of course, the rich also have problems as well as have the poor. But the problems of middle class people are usually huge, and include provisions to be paid for years, having met that need to appear rich before others.

Rich People

Having reached this point I think I have very clear what the rich are not. But what are the rich?.

The rich are those who have found a way to get a lot more money than others. And they have done in some way or other benefits leading to lots of people.

For example, a specialist in surgery of the heart (or something similarly critical) is someone who can give benefits to thousands of people in your life, and of course, you can get rich on the road if that is your focus, and if it has account factors equally important money management.

Clearly, if a poor person wins the lottery, in 5 years or less (is shown by studies) returns to its initial state. That is their comfort zone and it is their comfort zone.

Poor people are comfortable being poor. The rich usually do not seek to be comfortable, but to be better, earn more, increase their reach, grow their businesses, branch offices set up, sell more, serve more patients … whatever! but never cease to improve!

If you let the improvement and personal development to become a destination, you will stop growing. Both are undoubtedly a road, which runs the entire life until we die.

We never stop improving even though we focus on it daily, but the poor and middle class think they know everything and can not learn from others and their own experiences.

Stop believing that you know everything and learn from others. Take this article as your starting point and researching on how to get rich, not to forget that happiness, love and comfort are the results side benefit that will come in the way other people.

Could it be more satisfying?

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