The Quiz Funnel Masterclass Reviews – An Affiliate Training Course By Ryan Levesque!

The Quiz Funnel Masterclass review

The Quiz Funnel Masterclass Program is a step-by-step online training program that claims to support users create quiz funnels for their business. The program was introduced by Ryan Levesque. The Quiz Funnel Masterclass includes sequential video training, Live Question & Answer Calls, and much more that can help any business attract customers to their website.

The Quiz Funnel Masterclass Reviews – Best Income Generating Software!

Whether the person is an entrepreneur, a fresher, a freelance, or a small business owner, The Quiz Funnel Masterclass is claimed to be a scalable business tool for all.

Learn about attracting leads to the website of your business with the Quiz Funnel Masterclass Program.

Course TitleThe Quiz Funnel Masterclass
Product TypeA 6-week online training program
Launch DateJune 5th, 2021 to June 27th, 2021
CreatorMr. Ryan Levesque
Course Modules6 Modules
Course Duration6 Weeks
Quiz Funnel Masterclass Price$1999 (one-time) or $799 (3 monthly payments)
Money-Back Guarantee14 Days Money Back Guarantee
Official WebsiteClick Here
The Quiz Funnel Masterclass review

Principle Behind The Quiz Funnel Masterclass

The Quiz Funnel Masterclass is an affiliate training course that teaches users about the possible ways of earning more through commission.

This step-by-step training program allows each student to decide and understand about the Quiz Hook, test their quiz ideas, create Quiz questions, drive traffic to their quiz funnels and do a lot more things.

Once well versed with the training guidelines and methods, students can also access the advanced Quiz software that is loaded with customizable page templates, drag and drop quiz builder, detailed analytics, software integrations, and much more.

Creator Behind The Quiz Funnel Masterclass

The Quiz Funnel Masterclass was introduced by Ryan Levesque who is the CEO of Ask Method Company.  He began this program from scratch without having a product, or a business.

His business model has provided growth and better income generation for many users around the world. It is not mandatory to have any technical skills or knowledge and that’s how Ryan built his Quiz Funnel empire.

Ryan introduced the Quiz Funnel Master Class last year through a live session to help out users around the world. He is to begin The Quiz Funnel Master Class course again on June 5th and would continue live sessions all the way till June 27th.

The author also provides an opportunity to affiliate Click Bank users to earn a huge amount of commission on the sales of their program. Last year, he conducted the Boot camp where he earned a huge amount on the program that also helped many users earn like him.

How does The Quiz Funnel Masterclass work?

The Quiz Funnel Masterclass course works by teaching students to create a series of questions that can help them learn about the target audience. Through learning what the audience is looking for, students will learn to customize products, messages, and product offers depending on how the response is made.

The whole course allows any business owner to create a set of unique questions that will help them identify what the end-user is looking for. Based on the questions asked, a final decision can be made regardless of where they are from.

The quiz funnel would have questions ready for them to answer so that they can understand the situation in a better way. This will allow the businesses to promote their product, service, or offers and scale up their business.

The Quiz Funnel Masterclass online training

Main Benefits Of The Quiz Funnel Masterclass 

☑️ Lower cost: The Quiz Funnel Masterclass has techniques to attract the same amount of traffic to your website at a lower cost. So you will earn better leads at a low cost and attract customers to your landing page.

☑️ Leads and conversion: Since the cost incurred is less, more leads can be generated for the usual price Thus more people will start hearing about your business. You will notice a rise in customers entering your landing page. This will also increase the conversion rate.

☑️ More Data: The Quiz Funnel method will help to collect more individual data that would be useful for any other future business promotions as well. By having their email,  it will be easy for you to introduce a new product or service through email.

Who Should And Shouldn’t Use The Quiz Funnel Masterclass?

The Quiz Funnel Masterclass will help users who are struggling to build their business at a high cost. It will be an essential tool for developing niche markets and any other online market types.

Based on several Quiz Funnel Masterclass reviews, this course is claimed to be useful for anyone who is looking to learn a new skill from the scratch and build a better business portfolio.

As said in the Quiz Funnel Masterclass review, this course is considered to be helpful for any type of business looking for more leads and better conversions at a lower cost. Generating the right kind of questions through the funnel will help entrepreneurs identify what their customer wants.

The official website claims that E-commerce businesses, affiliate marketing, coaching, consulting, or any other sector can try and learn this course to generate better income by scaling their business.

This will help them improve their online exposure. So if anyone wants their business to flourish to better heights, this masterclass program has all the important data and tools inside it. So income generation and business scalability work hand in hand for a better future.

Anyone who is looking for easy results and is not ready to take any step further ahead, this program is not meant for them.

Importance Of Quiz Funnel For Different Business Types

✔️ Business for Beginners – For a beginner, a quiz funnel will help learn everything from the scratch. This will help beginners kick start their business and improve lead generation.

✔️ E-commerce – Quiz funnels will help the e-commerce business to identify the audience and know what they want. This will help the audience and the eCommerce platform as well with a better flow of products and services.

✔️ Digital Products – Quizzes help the audience identify their online course, memberships, software, and other related interests.

✔️ Affiliate marketing – Quiz funnel helps affiliates sell products of other companies by learning what the audience wants. They can also use the program if they are selling any affiliate products online.

✔️ Client Services – Coaches, consultants, and freelancers can create Quizzes that could help them find the right audience

✔️ Lead Generation –  It helps B2B and B2C companies with lead generation by targeting their audience through quiz funnel Master class program

Merits & Demerits of The Quiz Funnel Masterclass 


👍 Cheaper and converting traffic

👍 Works on all niches

👍 An easy course for newcomers to learn

👍 Helps to scale up a business of all types


👎 Limited yearly seats

👎 Some call it expensive

👎 Needs better focus and commitment to learning everything

What’s inside The Quiz Funnel MasterClass?

Inside the Quiz Funnel MasterClass Course you will find:

Live Q&A Calls( recordings included)

Live Funnel Reviews( recordings included)

Checklists and templates

Examples of Quiz Swipe files

90 Days Facebook group access

Lifetime access to the training program

Is The Quiz Funnel Masterclass Trustworthy?

The Quiz Funnel Masterclass is a course that allows business owners to create a set of quiz questions and learn what the audience likes. This master class was already launched earlier last year and is due to begin on 5th June which would go on until 27th of June.

Many businesses have flourished with the help of this Quiz Help Masterclass. Reading out a few Quiz Funnel Masterclass reviews has proved that the course is legit and should help any fresher learn and master the program.

The Quiz Funnel Masterclass Modules 

✔️ Module 1: Quiz Funnel Masterclass Quiz Hook

This is the first session in the Quiz Funnel Masterclass. By creating a funnel quiz hook, users will identify and learn to attract buyers when they engage in funnel quiz tactics.

✔️ Module 2: Quiz Funnel Masterclass Quiz Questions

The second module will teach every student to put forward an offer that the buyer cannot ignore. This module will explain the secret techniques that will change a user’s mind after the quiz is over.

✔️ Module 3: Quiz Funnel Masterclass Post Quiz Offer

The Questions in the funnel will let businesses identify the problem of every audience. Thus they will be able to solve the problem faced and take the necessary steps.

✔️ Module 4: Quiz Funnel Masterclass Quiz Pages

Creating vibrant landing pages can be simplified through the Quiz Funnel Masterclass course. So every audience attracted to the quiz funnel won’t leave hard-hearted as students will learn to segregate every audience into categories and help them find what they are looking for.

✔️ Module 5: Quiz Funnel Masterclass Traffic Strategy

Learn about driving in better traffic and how they make use of the quiz funnels created by students. Through a well-structured Quiz, every user will be able to sell out their products and services like hotcakes.

This module explains everything beginning from the email lead generation until the customer payments are cleared.

✔️ Module 6: Quiz Funnel Masterclass Optimization & Beyond

The 6th module will teach every individual about launching their quiz funnel by attracting 1000+ email leads and scale their business to the next level.

Based on various Quiz Funnel Masterclass reviews, The Quiz funnel Master Strategies will help to continually grow and reach better heights.

5 Reasons Why You Need The Quiz Funnel Masterclass

Quiz Funnel Strategy will help any business learn what the audience wants. Below are the  5 reasons that show Quiz Funnel Strategy is a success

Cheaper Leads

People usually like taking quizzes and sharing them. For promoting a webinar or a course or whatever may be promoted by the business, having a Quiz Funnel would be easier to attract leads at a very cheap rate than the usual methods.

Higher Volume

Businesses that opt for a Quiz Funnel Strategy grow their list by 10 to 80X. Offering a quiz through a link, image, ad or email will increase the probability of users trying the quiz.

Valuable Data

Following the Quiz Funnel method will help any business earn data from their audience including name, email, and much more. It helps with real-time lead scoring and helps with easy segmentation. The collected data can be used for promotions and subsequent offers in the future.

High Conversion Rate

The funnel Quiz way allows customization of COPY and OFFER depending on how a person answers the quiz. This will make the audience believe that their problems and requirement can be solved and met by the company. This will increase 2-3X times faster conversions.

Better Sell And Serve

The Quiz funnel strategy allows businesses to flourish and at the same time turns out to be beneficial for the audience as well. It’s a win: win ratio for the audience and the businesses.

That’s because customers naturally identify businesses as the ideal source to buy any product or services after they landed through the Quiz Funnel channel. This will help to identify what a customer is actually looking for.

So arranging the product according to a customer’s requirement will be easier and helps in saving time. You will attract many more loyal customers to your list and also get referred through word of mouth.

5 Quiz Mistakes That Can Be Avoided

Mistake 1 – Doing The Wrong Process

Using the right topic and framework is important to avoid any wrong quiz procedures. The quiz must ensure a systematic Quiz creation flow and the questions must be open and close-ended so that the audience won’t get bored.

Through the Quiz Funnel, the audience should be clear of the product being sold to them and that’s why the right process must be implemented

Mistake 2 – Doing The Wrong hook

Avoid choosing the wrong hook so that your hook wouldn’t be invisible. For that, there must be a relevant client and a genuine product or service that is being sold.

For ensuring a strong quiz hook, there must be adaptability to self-discovery to and the product available must be something that people demand.

Mistake 3 – Placing Wrong questions

Having the wrong questions in the quiz funnel will reduce demand for a product. So the questions presented will be the main content that should create a demand for the offer.

So questions added must be right and clear that the audience will feel interested. Important points of the question planning include outcome mapping, lead capture, branching logic, and segmentation questions.

Mistake 4 – Changed To-Placing The Wrong Offer

People take the quiz to get the right offer. So it’s necessary that wrong offers are to be avoided. So  the offer must be placed with respect to the two important points:

  • what people think they want
  • what people actually want and what you are able to showcase them.

Mistake 5 – Using The Wrong Tool

Using the right tool is essential for attracting the audience to your quiz funnel. There must be custom build features in a Quiz Funnel program that focuses on data and analytics, beautiful output, focus on conversion and monitoring of the quiz traffic.

The Quiz Funnel Masterclass results

The Quiz Funnel Masterclass Price And How To Get It?

Quiz Funnel Masterclass Pricing can be paid through a one-time course plan or payment made through installments.

Before the launch date of 5th to 27th June 2021, anyone seeking to join the course can either pay $1999 all at once or pay $799 through triple installments.

While Enrolling for the Quiz Funnel Masterclass, students can benefit from the bonuses listed below:

  • Bonus 1 – Bucket 2.0 Quiz software (Valued at $4500)
  • Bonus 2 – Quiz Traffic Secrets(Valued at $2500)
  • Bonus 3 – Business in a Box(valued at $2500)
  • Bonus 4 – ‘We Build Your Quiz(Valued at $10000)’

The Quiz Funnel Masterclass Reviews – Final Judgement

When The Quiz Funnel Masterclass was launched last year, it has helped out many entrepreneurs and small business owners create converting quiz funnels. Thus they were able to identify the taste and preference of their audience and support them when needed.

The Program is to launch again on the 5th of June 2021 and it comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee. As mentioned in the Quiz Funnel Masterclass review, people without any experience can also use the program and learn everything from scratch.

The creator believes that anyone can begin learning the course without having any special skills which will help them earn well by improving their business.

The Quiz Funnel Masterclass customer reviews

“Charlie Wallace claimed that Quiz Funnel Masterclass helped him earn the name of being one of the top 10 entrepreneurs under 30 through his guitar Course Quiz. He started earning a whopping $2.2M/ year.”

“Snack Nation tripled its revenue and reduced its cost per lead with the help of its QUIZ funnel. They generate 24+ M USD every year.”


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