Money in Contempt

Money in Contempt

Today, many want to be rich.

Many, however, want to remain poor, with the excuse that and be happy and be comfortable in a way. And do not blame them, educating these people about money Nothing more.

As we have seen previously, Money and Happiness are things that can be achieved simultaneously, especially when used approaches, not only moral enrichment, but also to contribute to the benefit of others.

Moreover, there are those who not only know that money is compatible with the joy, love, joy, tranquility and simplicity of life, but also contempt charge you money. Contempt by the way, it keeps them poor.

This contempt, often arises from the fact that the poor, or middle class, is not it possible to get rich legally, ethically and morally. Or at least believe it as too complicated or difficult.

When human beings see something that is hard on our skills and abilities, we tend to generalize and think that it will be for everyone. And the truth is that many people have made great fortunes from scratch, without sacrificing their health, or the love of others and other, much less his honesty, simplicity and expertise.

Make it difficult for us to conceive such a concept, does not mean that we have arguments to attack the money and results in people.

Clearly, there are millionaires who have been trained through illegal methods. There are others who have won the lottery. There are also millionaires whose wealth is inherited. And finally, there are those who have stolen, or those who simply had to go over many people to achieve it (many politicians, for example).

But this does not mean that bad, heirs and lottery winners conform the entire community of millionaires in the world.

In fact, quite the opposite. These people are the minority. Most truly rich are in one of two ways:

Having your own business or more (own business)
Be investor
Clearly being a business owner, and having passed all the processes required to get rich from it (such as its creation, possible initial investment, maintenance, dissemination, distribution, generation portfolio quality, increased quantity / quality of the employees … etc) is not only possible to have come to understand the economic world from another point of view, but also have had experiences that have much to do with morality.

Being an entrepreneur is not only receive a lot of money for having a good idea. Thousands of ideas remain on paper all the time. Is the performance of a whole set of talents and skills together to form a mechanism of production or generation of value that allows to get other people or companies goods or services that somehow or other they contribute positively.

This certainly lets us know that these entrepreneurs as such, could not risk his reputation (and your company) in addition to risk their income and thus their quality of life, making illegal moves, or immoral.

And of course, they can and in fact some do. But again, these people are the exception … not the rule.

On the other hand, being an investor, there is a risk capital is injected into certain projects with the hope that this will be returned with interest. This is not an approach that seeks to take advantage of anyone, and conversely, those who receive an investment for their ventures are benefited greatly in the sense that they are easier to work in terms of scope and time, just with the money they receive.

This makes it clear then that the truly wealthy, by definition should do well.

Whence then contempt for money?

It is very simple, poor and middle class are the ones most exposed to the media. All the time you pay attention to the TV and the news (whether via the Internet) and are all the time reinforcing their beliefs, not only with what they are told through these means, but the conversations they have with their friends and family.

It’s easy to be involved in such a hostile environment in terms of attitudes, beliefs influenced by a finish that accepts without even rethink or think conscientiously.

On the other hand, have the example of the famous. Celebrities are largely rich, but not without problems.

But here the point is that not all the truly rich are famous, and that not all celebrities are truly rich. People then directly relate wealth with fame, and can learn from what they see on celebrities in gossip magazines and programs.

These rumors then become beliefs and habits are generated later on you guessed it, is not that much help people have a mentality efficient, effective and efficient when creating and maintaining wealth and quality of life issue.

The problem remains that people are not really rich, despise those who are. And even they do not know them personally, not knowing how they live, how they live and how they do things. These people never have to figure out how to think rich. And if you have imagined, they have since his own mind.

Clearly, if a poor person receives from time to time a lot of money, that many things will change in your life and possibly develop these features that they so fear.

But forget that wealth creation is something that comes with time and gradually, not overnight. In this time of generation of wealth is therefore a transformation in the person so that their minds go to accept hundreds of dollars a month as usual, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions eventually.

This transformation can not bring more than good, because as I have guessed, we talk about Personal Development and Personal Growth. All a long way to overcome obstacles and self-improvement.

Finally, those who still think things like “money is bad”, that “money corrupts”, that “money does not buy happiness”, that “money is dirty”, that “money can not go hand in hand of honesty and warmth, “or things like” the rich are thieves and bad people, profiteers, swindlers … etc “just stay poor.

And not because they are better people, but because they know they are wrong to judge people without knowing precisely they are. First we discuss specifically the situation of those who have achieved good economic slack in their lives (and which incidentally have done morally) and then if there be in a position to determine whether a similar way for us, or if we still be in trouble economic result of our inability to accept that everything could be much better.

We should not be conformists, we always aim to achieve more and better things. All aimed ultimately to improve the world, helping a little with our actions.

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