Money and Quality of Life

Why have a lot of money and wealth without quality of life?

People think that money and happiness are things that can not go together. They say the rich are sad people. Interestingly they say those who do not personally know even one of them.

Usually we hear or read this that the rich are unhappy about any part.

It’s like a plague that has swept the world, and it is hard to imagine why so many are immersed into financial problems that beset them all the time.

Quality of life goes hand in hand and plenty of money, then see how to reprogram our minds to receive welfare.

It all starts from childhood. Depending on your situation enconómica, as children we have stimuli from all over, somehow or other classified people according to their income.

That is, somehow, there is discrimination on the amount of money you have.

But beware, I do not mean that the rich who discriminate against us. Many times it is just the opposite. Is the poor who discriminate against the rich, just have more, by simply having the opportunity to live better.

People who are not in great financial solvency feel resentment against those who do enjoy it. And fall in conformity to say that not having much money is better because you live happier.

This is simply nonsense Who said you can not live happily and abundantly at the same time?

These people argue that money brings unhappiness. Oddly, this money is nothing but a piece of paper with some perceived value. It’s nothing that we handle and we do not even speak to tell us what decisions to make.

If we are unhappy is because of us. If we are greedy, it’s because they have decided. If we become bad people is our personality, not for money. The money simply maximize our traits. If we are generous, we will be even more money.

If we worry all the time, more money to exploit those concerns.

But if instead we have an attitude toward life different from many people who just have financial problems when the money starts coming in, we will not feel as we do not deserve this wealth, but instead we have thousands of reasons to be thankful, to tune to a frequency of optimism, tranquility and welfare.

What is the quality of life then?

For me, it’s just to enjoy every day of life to the fullest, to have time to spend with family, enjoying every detail offered by the world.

Do not live tied to a schedule that prevents us from fulfilling our dreams, not having to answer to others for things we do not even passionate about. Not having to live a life for others, but a life for himself, for the benefit of others.

I believe that a high quality of life will we give ourselves, and I think that people believe that poor (and therefore, indeed they are) will never have a good quality of life, because that link welfare to be very money, but at the time, assign a negative connotation to the accumulation of wealth itself.

That is, these people believe that to live well, you need to attain wealth, and lives to attain wealth is wrong.

Not you but I always noticed something odd about this approach. Those who say that the rich are bad, they are corrupt, they are thieves … etc, you do not personally know a person truly rich, and that perhaps has been carried away from the concept of wealth that transmit media such as television or radio.

We often think that the rich are the politicians and drug traffickers in our country. But this is incredibly false.

These evil people, corrupt and harmful to society not comprise more than 1% of all people influential in the world.

Do you know a person truly rich person? Do you know of greeting?

If you’re not rich too, is quite possible that do not relate much with these people do you know why? Because they always seek to relate with people who have a positive and optimistic attitude toward the world. Want no part of those who are conformists and are denying the whole time of their bad situations.

I’m not saying that you should be so, but say that somehow or another, if you enjoy an abundance, it is because you are relating to people who should. Look around and tell me how many of those people that spend more time, have a great mentality Millionaire?.

Very few, right?

Well, this is one of the reasons why you do not have a great quality of life right now. First, because you may count on a misconception that money does not give you quality of life, and second, because you may spend too much time talking to people who have the same concepts and reinforce that you end up on more and more.

When being the case we would be rich if we do not accept that money is something good that can come into our lives?

The solution

The solution is really simple, and not have to go to a golf course to meet with the rich.

Just that you have access to the Internet (and if you’re reading this, it is most likely yes).

Already be reading this blog, you are by connecting with someone who has the same desires as you improve and achieve good things in life. Spread the word and begin to evangelize the abundance in life, he begins to enjoy the abundance that is your lifestyle.

Convince yourself that you can achieve great things and tell everyone!

Do not fear being rejected by this, you can not have everyone happy, you will simply different and will achieve what you propose, not as many who will wonder why life never fail to succeed in what they propose.

By the way, and if you know people in that situation and want to help, please do, recomiéndales change their minds, tell them about financial freedom, and why not, on this blog.

Contribute your environment is in favor of improving your life, everything fits around you (including things and people) to find yourself in a more receptive to the welfare, quality of life and abundance. It all lies in the fact that your subconscious mind is convinced that you have no other alternative than to be rich and therefore happy.