Money And Happiness

In today’s society, it is almost an axiom (irrefutable truth), the fact that money can not buy happiness.

And while this really is true, poverty can not achieve happiness in any way.

Some people get a lot of money and fail to really go out of their problems becoming unhappy most of the time.

At the other extreme, some people are making money in the solution to these problems, and actually manage to have a prosperous life, abundant, and no major concerns.

Many go so far as to think that you can not have money and be happy, however, and as you will see today is not only possible, but keep in mind that some basic principles, you too can achieve both approaches.

All however, have to attend daily situations, have disadvantages that no longer present itself, however, is not the presence or absence of such disadvantages, but how precisely deal with them.

Ideally we should combine prosperity and happiness, for which I have some recommendations.

Rate It Simple

Get wealth and abundance should not be confused with living a life devoted to the material. It should not be this, a search for more and earn more money and possessions. You are not competing with anyone, not anyone if you can earn 10 times more than what you have now.

I’m not saying you should not have dreams and ambitious goals, but on the contrary, that your greatest dreams and goals should be aligned with the quality of life, happiness, welfare and tax.

Rate it simple means first of all, appreciate what we are and what we have, and second to learn to enjoy life and its benefits.

Do not be tied to the Money

Does it hurt even spend your money on important things? Even people like Bill Gates might want to not spend too much money and choose for example, flying economy class instead of first class.

The problem with this approach of not wanting to spend the money, is that just misses the essence of winning.

A good attitude toward money, does not see it as we can accumulate net wealth, but as a circular flow that passes through our lives. And just spend it or invest part of that circle. Especially when the things we pay are important to our life and wealth itself.

The important thing in any case, it is not becoming people who fear losing their money, because this mentality is much negativism form itself. But rather a mindset that lets us know that for every dollar will come 10

Minimize Your Concerns

We would be happier if we could just make money not so important in our lives to keep him conscious. Thinking about money problems is something that just keeps us from being happy and abundant time.

People usually do not get much money because they fear the situation when you have live. These people fear that when they win a lot of money problems and concerns will increase.

So from now, start that money is not your main concern, then head minimizing the impact it has on your life.

Avoid Greed and Envy

No matter how much money you make, there will always be people who earn more than you. It’s that simple.

The question is how do you feel about that fact?

It makes no sense to feel bad about the fact that other people be successful. In fact, these people are precisely those that can learn and take valuable lessons that can be routed on the path of success that they find.

If others are happy and successful Why envy? Just let us strive to achieve better our lives and appreciate those who have achieved what we want to achieve. This is a better starting point because you tuned to a frequency of positive and optimistic, which as you know, has great power programming your subconscious mind for success.

Not Living to Work

Do you sometimes feel you work more than necessary? ‘Even on the weekends?

If you keep working all the time, you will have the opportunity to enjoy your money. The truly wealthy have time to enjoy your money, not just now that I have, but always. At first they had to work harder now, but equally if they had not known aside time for relaxation and fun, now would work for more.

With work not just mean having a job, also has all time spent on any project or enterprise itself, as a business, a company … etc.

Understand Why Some Are Always Poor

We all know people who always have money problems, regardless of whether or not a job or a permanent job. Whether creating a business or if they carry out interesting projects.

These people hardly change their situation, did not know how to get out of the money problems they have, and give them money does not solve anything. Worse yet, they still borrow and borrow to make things worse.

Part of the problem lies in your mindset. It’s easy to get used to having expectations of poverty when you have a prosperous life. This means that our situations are often condition us to expect more of the same as part of our comfort zone.

Yes, it sounds crazy, the poor, being rich is outside your comfort zone.

With this mentality becomes difficult to attract to their lives the cash flow necessary for wealth and welfare. The important thing then is to develop a mindset towards money, and begin to create great positive habits with our abundance.

Ignorance Is Not Good

Another attitude that many have towards money is to try to avoid accepting the current situation. Trying to ignore what actually happens at this time.

Ignore the money does not cause more than the fact of missing good opportunities. Be blinded to the current situation makes us believe in an illusion that tells us that all is well, everything is under control, when actually you may be going straight into bankruptcy.

When we focus not on problems but on solutions to them, tend to create a culture of solutions, and thus to improve our life as a result of our efforts.

Develop A New Perspective

Realize now the following questions:

  • Do I find myself happy with my current financial situation?
  • More money would improve my life?
  • Do financial problems forever haunt my head?
  • Is money the most important thing in my life?
  • Does the pursuit of wealth will make me miserable?
  • Would you go against my principles to seek wealth?

Try not to simply respond with a Yes or a No. Realize the question yourself, and analyzes the way you feel at the thought with a realism based on your current situation.

Start today to improve your mindset about money, you’ll see radical change you will experience if you get this mentality is part of your daily lifestyle. And if for some reason again to have the same limiting thoughts, you know where to come and read to motivate.