Maximize Your Money Character

I consider valuable to share on this blog, for those who have not yet had the opportunity to read it.

It involves the solution to one of the biggest myths about money, which exists in our society today, and prevents us from precisely to be rich and abundant.

Often you hear that money is the root of all evil.

Many argue that it is for the money the town, city, or country are in a not very good situation. So much so that money is the cause and solution of many problems of violence and insecurity in developing countries.

However, apart from the masses, concentrate on yourself to in a thorough analysis of whether or not money is the root of all your ills as well say.

I find it a bit ridiculous that people blame both the money, because in principle if humans did not exist and there was much money in the world the way it was, there would be no evil to his account.

This gives us a clear indication that what matters when the money is not money itself but the way we perceive and what we use.

The question however, is that you do not stop listening, no matter where in the world-is that money makes you evil.

Hear and read that the rich are poor and unhappy, never become happy or included. They say they are so poor that they only have money.

Many people find it impossible to conceive that one may have money, be happy and generous to yourself and live well, without problems.

People who do not have much money, they fear the fact that having money to put their lives in danger, fear the fact that they can kidnap their children … etc.. That fear of money is what keeps him away for safety. All in your mind, subconsciously.

It’s funny how we humans are always looking for excuses in something or someone for not taking responsibility for our mistakes and failures, rather than accept, learn and advance.

However, all is not lost, and it’s time you start changing your mind about money.

Ask yourself … “All I know about money really learned it myself? … Or rather are-know-that others have placed me.”

Countless times we have found stories about the rich happy despite not having much money. They even teach kids, take King Midas, for example.

A story in which also confuses ambition with greed and avarice …. a fatal error.

We are bombarded from small-minded everywhere repulsive to money. It’s no surprise that we are not very good personal finance managers, when what we have learned, we have inculcated from a contempt.

Nothing is taught from a negative viewpoint will have good fruit, it’s clear that for many other things, also for the money even if it does not.

But the key concept that I wish to convey in this article, beyond a little mock those who say that money is bad (when it is still a piece of paper, or a number in database) is as follows:

Your Money Power Features

What does this mean?

That contrary to what others have told us, money will not make you bad.

Neither will make you good or generous, and happy … just in your life will be more than what you yourself are.

Therefore, if money makes you evil, evil is because the lies within you in advance.

If you are generous with money that you can be even more. If you like the game, money will play more. If you like traveling with money will be an inveterate traveler.

But if you’re a cheapskate without money / stingy with money will be worse.

The important thing is to understand that the money simply enables us to achieve our best performance, especially when we have it in large quantities.

Another interesting issue is the source of the money to which we refer. In almost all countries it is common knowledge of illegal ways to get rich. Ponder this part for a moment.

The truth is that an illegal way to get rich, has many benefits in many areas, however there must be a broken link in the chain that is suffering the impact of benefit to everyone else.

In other words, the model is not illegal a model with a solid structure in all its aspects. If we see it in perspective, the person who decides to leave the paths of lawlessness, part of a negative view and problematic in itself.

It is easy to see that the money this person will cause more of the same for himself.

If for example we take the cases of great entrepreneurs whose ideas have been monetized to the maximum, we can see that in such cases, so raw and evil as we show it in every part about money, it is virtually imperceptible.

These people start from a point of view effectively achieves positive and money enhance its features depending on what they are.

When it comes to a young entrepreneur, just depending on their personality, money enables you to project that character in your company and your products or services. This could well be the case with Facebook, where Mark Zuckerberg (the world’s youngest billionaire) has projected his personality and skills in enterprise platform that enriched it legally.

This is a lesson for all those who still believe that money is bad, that money makes you evil and therefore should not have much. Just the money you will make more than they already are … going to expand your features, to enhance them.

Think about this the next time your mind tells you otherwise. And if in any case, your character is not ideal for this to be powered by a lot of money, start to adjust to be the ideal and then if you allow abundance into your life.