Make money with Adsense

Make money with Adsense

Making money with Adsense it’s a very good opportunity for those, who don’t want to invest money. Adsense if a free advertising program founded by Google Inc, that can be easy integrated into any website, like html, blogs, cms software, forums etc. This money making method does not make you rich in 1 day, but it could be a very long money income if you can use it well. For this, you need to have some good tips in your mind.

Make Money with Google

To be indexed in google fast and get more traffic on your website, you need to have a quality website. What make it quality? The content for example.  This is the success of Google Adsense. If you can’t write quality content, you should buy the content, and update your website every day, or once a week. You will never get good income from adsense putting others content to your blog once a month. With a well structured website, popular keywords and right placement of  the adsense ads, you can certainly drive a heavy traffic from search engines to your website. As more and more visitors will find your website, the probability of the clicks would also higher, so your income as well.

Try to make a very good SEO and page optimization to rank with each page in the search engine. Visitors will search for those keywords and if your website is in the top, you certainly will get thousands of visitors.  So you need to know, that you can’t earn any cent with your adsense account without visitors. This is the basic of all adsense money making.

After you optimize your content and navigation, and have a design on your website, you should choose the ads colors. For this, there are some essential tricks that you can use on your website as well. Keep the background color of the adds the same as the template background is, so the ads to blend with the design. The links on your adsense should have the same colors as the main link colors of your website, or very very different that attract the attention of your visitors. Do not use ads with borders or rounded corners, because it’s very evident that there are sponsored links. It’s also better to use big ads, because they have higher CRT, and it’s easier to jump in your visitors eyes.

What should you never do with adsense:

  1. Never click on Adsense ads yourself.
  2. Never ask a friend to click on your ads.
  3. Never put your adsense ads on illegal or adult websites.
  4. Never put Google ads on the same page with other advertising networks ads
  5. Don’t try to tamper with the adsense script

With all these information you can optimize your website for adsense.

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