Can You Really Make Money by Selling Products Online?

Can You Really Make Money by Selling Products Online

There are many ways you can make money online, but in this article I will show you how to get some cash from selling products on your website.

There is no such thing as free money. In order to make money you have to invest. I understand your your resources might be limited, but on the internet you don’t need to spend much to get somewhere. It requires more of your time and dedication to succeed than the mount you are going to invest.

This process is very simple, and requires less than $100 to get started. You will need 3 things to get started:

  • Find a niche and figure out what products you are going to sell
  • Register a domain name and purchase web hosting
  • Create your website using WordPress and upload images and product description
  • Drive traffic to your website

Finding Products to Sell

Don’t rush to sell just any product. It is true that a good marketer can sell anything on the internet, but you are at the start yet. Choose a product or set of products that you know something about. Just as an example, you could sell leather bags. Selling woman bags are very profitable, a friend of mine is running a website called Genti Dama where she is selling both leather and artificial leather hand bags.

Once you have figured out what products you are going to sell, find a reliable company that will drop-ship for you. The drop shipping technique is super easy and does not require you to stock up on products. Basically your client will purchase the product online on your website and will pay you. After the order came in, you order the product from the drop shipping company you have a deal with and ask them to deliver to the address of your client. You will pay the price of the ordered product to the drop shipping company. Obviously you sell the products at a higher price on your site than you buy from the company so you can make a profit.

If you can sell a lot of products per month, most drop shippers will give you discounts on purchased products, so you can make even more profit. Hope you got the point how this works.

Setting up Your Web Hosting Account

You don’t need to be a technical person to manage a hosting account and register a domain name. At BlueHost you can set up your account in just couple of minutes and you will get a domain name for free. They have a very simple and straightforward platform that allows you to manage your hosting plan.

BlueHost offers multiple hosting plans, but for the start it will be enough to purchase the Basic shared plan, that allows hosting one domain, have multiple professional email accounts and enough storage to upload tons of images and products.

The Basic plan starts at $3.95 per month if you pay in advance for 3 years. You can choose one year billing period, but the price will be $5.95 per month paying a total of $71.40 for the first year. Remember, you don’t have to pay for your domain because that is included for free. This allows you to save another $15.

The good thing about BlueHost is that you can upgrade your plans as your website grows. So if you get so much traffic that you need a bigger hosting plan, you can upgrade it easy. Sure this will cost you more, but once you make enough money, it won’t be problem paying for hosting.

Setting up Your WordPress Site

You don’t have to be a web developer or programmer to set up a website. There are many tools that anyone can use to create a professional site from scratch. I recommend using WordPress, because this tool is very easy to use, can change the design easily, can add as many extra functions you need and is free to use.

With BlueHost you can set up the WordPress system to your domain in just few clicks. After WordPress is installed to your website, accessing the dashboard with your own admin user name and set password, you can start adding content. In your case you will be adding product images and description.

With WordPress and WooCommerce you can set up an online shop. This plugins is also free to use and can be installed to your website with two clicks. In this article I won’t go into details on how to use WordPress, but I will create a complete tutorial on this as well. What you should know for that start, is that you can set up your site completely free, having a fully functional shop where customers can purchase products and pay using different payment methods.

Driving Traffic to Your Site – Finding Customers

If you have a bigger budget you can start advertising your website once it is ready. Having no experience with online advertisement could be difficult to get started and optimize your expenses. So for the start I recommend start easy.

Start with content marketing. This is the easiest and cheapest way to drive traffic to your website. You just set up a blog, which is very easy if you use WordPress, and start writing blog posts, content, articles about the products you sell. So for instance if you are selling woman bags, you can write about different types of bags, who should use what bag, how to clean and maintain a leather bag and so on. Show your expertise on your blog and when someone finds the page you Google, they will show interest in buying your products and not only reading your content.

You can bring content marketing at the next level by writing expert articles for other websites in your niche. For example fashion and news websites are always looking for fresh content and expert opinion. Find and contact these sites using Google.


So to answer the question: yes you can make real money by selling products online with very minimal investment. If you still have questions please let me know bellow in the comment section. Stay tuned for additional tutorials and guides.

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