Looking To Get Rich Quick Through E-Business

OK, so you’ve heard that the internet is one giant cash machine, and you’re ready to dive in and grab your share with a killer e-business.  All you need is three things, right?

  1. Cheap Web Host
  2. A Glamorous And Successful Whizzkid Marketeer To Guide You Through The Process
  3. A Guaranteed Get Rich Quick Scheme

True, a quick Google search will find you all of the above,. but you know that old saying about if it sounds too good to be true…?  Cheap web hosts are often unusable web hosts, with technical support that might as well be based on Mars.  Whizzkid Marketeers rarely offer advice that your e-business can actually understand, let alone put into practice.  And Get Rich Quick schemes are the same on the internet as they’ve always been throughout history – scams.  They make somebody rich, but that somebody isn’t you.
So where does that leave your e-business?  The first thing you need to understand is that it is possible to make money through the internet.  But the principles are the same for e-business as they are for real business – hard work, research, planning, and a measure of luck.
If you’re looking to set up an e-business, you need to:
identify an interesting and profitable niche
identify 50-100 keywords that people are actually searching for (not what you think they should be searching for)
create compelling, well-written content
get your website into the upper reaches of the search engine rankings.
Those four things involve a lot of skills that you may or may not already have – designer, writer, SEO specialist, keyword analyst, marketer and so on.   It’s daunting, but it can be done.  And when you do it, the rewards – emotional and financial – can be huge.

This free e-book and search program ISN’T a Get Rich Quick scheme for your e-business.  It IS a practical guide to what you need to do to make your e-business a success.  You can use it to –

  • find out the keywords your competitors are using
  • find out the backlinks to your site, and your competitors’ sites
  • search across all search engines at once
  • make statistical, meta-data and foreign language searches
  • assess keyword popularity
  • research domain names
  • find free or inexpensive photos and graphics

And so much more.  Is that the sort of information your e-business could do with?  Of course it is!
By giving away this ebook and search program – and it is 100% free – I’m doing myself a favor.  Your success makes me look good, and chances are you’ll come back to me for a business plan.  So we all win.