Is It Possible To Live Stream On Android Games To YouTube?

Is It Possible To Live Stream On Android Games To YouTube?

YouTube has become the most popular social media platform in the US. The video-sharing service started as an independent website in the year 2005 and was bought by Google in 2006.

Since then, YouTube has kept connecting people all around the world virtually by allowing them to share videos with all the people around the world. Moreover, YouTube is a revenue generator for its users by introducing ads to their uploaded videos and hence become an excellent platform for marketing.

Live Stream On Android Games To YouTube

Simply put, YouTube is far away from its purpose that was intended to provide when it was first introduced in 2005. With billions of videos of various categories like cooking, tutorials, education, and many more.

Is It Possible To Live Stream On Android Games To YouTube?

These are all the things that you may already know. It was the very latest gaming video that got introduced to YouTube and it became a hit.

Nowadays with the availability of technology to everyone with ease, we can see a lot of Gamers streaming their gameplay on YouTube through their channel and they have a lot of viewers and followers.

Also, they are making money while having fun playing their favourite games. Now to all the wannabe gamers who are stepping into YouTube with their gaming channel, let us take a close look at how to stream Android games to YouTube through this article.

The most simple and straightforward method to stream Android games to YouTube is through the YouTube main application. The only restriction for this feature in YouTube is the minimum subscriber count.

The user should have a minimum of a thousand subscriber count to live stream within the YouTube App. If you qualify for this feature by having a minimum count of thousand subscribers just follow through the steps below. 

Method 1: Using YouTube App

1. Open the YouTube app.

2.Tap the Plus (+) icon. If you are using the latest YouTube app on your android phone, you can see a Plus icon in the middle among four other options on the bottom of the screen.

3. Click on Go Live. When you click on the plus icon as mentioned in step 2, there will be three options out of which you have to click on Go Live to stream your android games live.

4. When you click on the Go Live button if you are asked to grant permission, allow your YouTube app access to your camera, microphone, and location.

5.In the next window you can add a title to your stream, location, and choose whether your stream must be public or private. 

6. Click the phone icon. Above the Create a title option you will see a phone icon. Click on it.

7.  In the next window after setting your title, type of stream (public or private), you will have to add the game title. Click on the plus icon, then search and select the game you are going to stream. Then you must choose if the video is appropriate for kids or not under the audience section. After all, that is done if you click on the “More options” button you get features like scheduling your stream for a specified time.

8. Click Next then Choose screen orientation and Thumbnails. After clicking the next icon, you will see a demo of the screen while streaming. You can choose the desired orientation of the screen that is compatible with the game you are going to stream. You can select the thumbnail for your stream from your device by clicking on the pencil icon on the top left of the demo screen.

9. Click Next and you will see your phone’s home screen with YouTube streaming controls and a circle showing front camera footage. You can choose to turn ON or OFF the front camera by clicking on the camera icon from the control tab. You can speak to your audience while streaming by enabling the microphone icon, also you can mute it if want. By clicking on the settings icon, you can increase the size of the camera circle. 

10. Open your game. If you are done with the YouTube stream controls, you can open the game you want to stream.

11. Click Go Live. Once you are all set and ready to stream your gameplay to the YouTube audience, click on the Go Live button from the control tab and you are life. You can remove the YouTube control overlay on the screen by clicking on the cross and access it again by clicking on the circle showing your front camera or your channel icon.

Well, as mentioned in the beginning, this method of streaming your android games to YouTube is only possible if you meet the eligibility criteria put out by YouTube, which is a minimum count of thousand subscribers. If you just created your channel and do not have a thousand followers, you can use third-party applications like Streamlabs, turnip, Omlet arcade for streaming your android games to YouTube. Let’s give you a quick run on how to stream to YouTube using Streamlabs, one of the popular streaming apps.

Method 2: Using Streamlabs

1.Install the Streamlabs is the first step in application on your android device which is available in the google play store. The link to download from the play store is given below:

2. Open Streamlabs application and log in with YouTube. From the choices to login select YouTube and enter the login credentials

3. Give Streamlabs access to your google account. You will have to grant Streamlabs access to your google account to stream to YouTube. Since Streamlabs is widely used and popular among streamers, you do not have to worry about security problems as it can be trusted.

4. Select the purpose of using Streamlabs. If you got this far, Streamlabs will ask you the purpose of use, in which you must select the gaming option.

5. Allow Streamlabs to use a camera and microphone. In the latest android version apps will ask for permission before accessing any features of your device. Allow Streamlabs the required permissions for streaming smoothly. Note that Streamlabs won’t work if you don’t grant the required permissions.

6.Skip through the intro and select Youtube for streaming.

7. Click on Go Live and select a platform like YouTube.

8.Click Next and select Create event again click Next. Here you can schedule the stream if you want.

9. Give Stream title and description. Giving the stream title is a must and the description is optional.

10. Click on Go Live. Clicking on the Go live option will start the stream and you get to show them how sleek you play those games.

You can also use other third-party apps at your convenience. The basic steps to stream using other apps are almost similar and vary only with the app UI. Make use of the knowledge you gained here for your best.

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