Keyword Research Method For E-Commerce Stores-How It Works?


When you have an e-Commerce site the main intention of the site is to have a maximum of sales. And to have these high sales you need customers or users. Most of the customers or users reach your site by searching a specific keyword on the internet probably on the google search page or somewhere else.

Keyword Research Method For E-Commerce Stores

Thus keywords are very essential for e-commerce sites as this helps them to make sales and be profitable in the market.

Keyword Research Method For E-Commerce Stores

What makes keyword research so important?

The e-commerce site owner or the digital marketing team should know which keywords to use for a specific product and should also be knowledgeable on the reach of each keyword. There are many websites and software that can help you to identify which keyword has the most hit count in a particular month or even a week. Using the right keyword at the right time will help you reach a more target audience.

For example, in the winter season, one should always include keywords like winter or cold, or snow as these will be the most used keywords during these seasons.

The appropriate length of Keywords

Many times a single keyword won’t be effective. For example, if you run an online women`s clothing and apparel store then your keywords like handbag won’t attract much traffic as compared to keywords like handbags for women`s. These will filter out only the women buyers for you getting a good reach to the target audience and filtering out men`s because even if men`s search handbags and land on your page chances are they will rarely buy as they might be looking for bags for men`s. Such use of 2 or more combinations of keywords helps you reach the target audience much faster than a single keyword.

Checking the Ranking Difficulty

Even if you find a good keyword you should check its ranking difficulty. What this means is that this keyword is already used by existing market conquers and it will be hard to compete with them.

Tools like Ahrefs provide you the ranking difficulties of each keyword and gives you an estimate of how well your domain could perform in that particular niche. Many times to overcome the ranking difficulties it is better to combine multiple keywords so that a new keyword is generated giving you an edge over other competitors.

Having a good search relevance

Even if the site owner finds a good keyword with good search volume and that he or she thinks that they can rank if higher, however, they should consider the search relevance as well.

Search relevance could be explained in simpler terms like suppose your keywords attract 1000 visitors or users to the page but only 10 of them end up buying products from your site, then this is considered a bad keyword as the actual reach of the keyword is just 1%. One should try to find keywords whose actual reach is min 20% so as to have a profitable online store. 

Where to put keywords

This is one of the most talked-about topics in keyword research. Ecommerce sites should put their keywords on the first landing page or on their product page more. These pages should have the best and most searched keywords.

Other pages should also contain keywords but less relevant keywords or less search volume keywords can be added to the pages that are not linked to products. The homepage is the most important landing page and will determine 50% of your sales.

Check out your competition

Always keep a track of what your competitor is doing and what kind of keywords they are using on their pages.

For most e-commerce sites Amazon is the main competitor. People can learn and find many new keywords by observing amazon and how they change their keyword tactics to stay ahead.

People should not blindly copy their competitors but observe them and think of ways in which they can outrun them.

The above points will help you reach a good audience and have a good overall profit. There is much software that will help you in keyword research like Semrush, Ahrefs, and many more. Some of these software’s are available for free for the first 14 days as a trial offer.

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