How To Keep Instagram Ads In Control? Tips To Check

How To Keep Instagram Ads In Control? Tips To Check

Were you scrolling through your favorite Instagram feed and an advertisement about a shampoo popped up? Or when you were just going to reply to that story, Instagram suggested you need to buy that necklace? You wonder why what you just googled keeps showing up on your Instagram.

Tips To Control Ads For Both Ios & Android Users

Sometimes you just think about it and it pops up! Well, we have all been to this irritable situation and fortunately, this brings you exactly what you can do to control these ads

Instagram enjoys more than one billion active members every month. This is not the only impressive stat. It is growing continuously and it has become the second most popular social media after Facebook. Because of its growing success, advertising on Instagram becomes a must for most companies looking for growth, reach, and connectivity worldwide. Companies create attractive content by using catching words, videos or images to show online. 

Why Do You Keep Seeing Ads On Instagram?

According to a report, in the US alone, there are 170 million active Instagram users. So far, over fifty billion images have been posted. At least once a month, more than 130 million users click on tags of Instagram products. It has become a perfect virtual store for companies to sell, and customers to buy. So you know why ads on Instagram are a reckoning force. 

Why Do You Keep Seeing Ads On Instagram?

While many small businesses and big companies aspire to reach higher level climbing stairs of Instagram ads, there are many people like us who are just here to like dog pictures and post photos in cute filters! So it becomes annoying for us to be subjected to ads popping up every now and then. If you are one among them, this article contains exactly what you need to do to control these advertisements. 

We agree it is hard to prevent ads completely. This is because these social media sites use your device’s data, including your phone’s operating system and your phone’s unique numbers. It even tracks your browser history.

It tracks the products and services you usually search for, which answers the question of why what you google shows up on Instagram. These apps show ads based on where you are located. Instagram asks its users to connect their Instagram account to their Facebook accounts to track them more easily. 

How To Minimize Ads If You Are An IOS User

  1. Open your phone’s settings. Here, we mean the phone’s settings and not Instagram’s. 
  2. Click on the ‘privacy’ option.
  3. Scroll down till you see the option called ‘Advertising.’ 
  4. Turn on ‘Limit Ad Tracking.’

How To Minimize Ads If You Are An Android User

  1. Open settings. Again, not Instagram’s.
  2. Scroll down till you see ‘Google.’
  3. Under services, click on the option ‘Ads.’
  4. Turn on the option of ‘Opt out of Ads Personalization.’

What Can You Do If You Don’t Like An Ad On Instagram?

Hide an ad

There are few options amongst Instagram that help you limit ads you see. For example, if you don’t like an ad, you can simply hide the ad. This influences the type and number of ads you see. To hide an ad in android or IOS, you need to click on three dots on the top corner of your screen. Tap on ‘Hide Ad’. Instagram will ask you the reason why you want to hide that ad. It will provide you with a few options from which you can choose. However, when you choose to hide that ad, Instagram particularly hides only that specific ad. 

Adjust your topic preferences on Instagram

You can choose to adjust ads according to your preferences. For this, tap on the bottom right of your profile. Tap on the three horizontal lines and then on settings. Click on Ads, and tap Add Topics. Click on the circle to the topic’s right that you would want to see fewer ads. Click Save. 

Report an ad that you don’t like

If you think that an ad is inappropriate, misleading, or you just don’t want to see it, you can simply report an ad. Click on three dots on a sponsored ad. Click Report Ad. Instagram will ask you why you want to report that ad. You can choose from multiple options.

Adjust Data About Your Activity From Partners Setting

There is an option in Instagram’s ad section called ‘data about your activity from partners.’ This option adjusts whether you let them show personalized ads using the data about your activity. By turning off this setting, the ads you see will be based on your activity on the Instagram platform.

These social media platforms might be a little ahead of you in technology, but there is always a way you can save yourself. Ads always come as a package deal with such apps, but you have options to not see them. Simply follow the ways explained above and enjoy ad-free Instagram surfing

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