It’s Your Right To Be Rich!

It’s Your Right To Be Rich!

Whatever you may say those advocating poverty, the truth is that you can live a completely successful if there is no real wealth.

No one can perform at their highest level if you do not have power to gain access to everything you needed in your way.

And given the way it is configured and functioning society about money, then perform at the highest level, is really question whether or not you have enough money to do so.

As humans, we develop in mind, soul and body by making use of certain things. Of certain objects. And society is organized so that as people so that we can access these objects, we need money.

Our goal as a species eventually is to grow, develop and evolve. And really, every living being in its full right to develop whatever you can. This occurs in nature. Animals have no problem in conducting develop their skills and abilities in a peak.

The human right to life means his right to have free and unrestricted use of all things as may be necessary to their full mental, spiritual, physical, or, in other words, their right to be rich.

Many believe that being rich is to be satisfied and live with really little. But generally I tend to go against thoughts like this. No person should be satisfied with just a little, if able to exploit and enjoy greater wealth.

The purpose of Nature is the advancement and development of life and every human being should have all you can contribute to power, elegance, beauty and richness of life, settling for less is almost sinful.

A person who owns all he wants to have as long as I live, is rich. And really who has little money, few will have little chance of having everything you want.

To achieve the fullness then is necessary to live a life of comfort and abundance. In fact, that was how it was initially thought. This world has more than enough for each and every one of us, but many simply want to be so blind to not believe it.

People always want to become all that we can achieve, we always want to be first, the best. We always want to stand out. It is a natural desire to realize ourselves at our peak.

The point is that through the years, society has made us believe that somehow or another, or do not deserve it, or simply can not do it.

Success in life is to achieve all that we offer, and certainly most of the things that we might aim in life require money. On many occasions not to buy them directly, but possibly indirectly.

For example, if you approach the success that is writing a book, then you need a computer (and failing that, the money to buy). You need to sit to write (the chair costs money). Need to be somewhere (either your home, a library … etc), and that place has cost money, whether you create it, or have the right to be there.

If instead you want is true love, you’ll need at least be dressed, otherwise no person of the opposite sex would look favorably upon you. Your clothes cost money. You need to be well presented, and at least you can take a bath, has a cost.

Understand that everything in life has its equivalent in money cost. Even the good times with a romantic partner, were not possible if there was no money involved. Have some fun family would not be possible without them have survived until today, consuming foods that have kept them alive. Foods that have actually cost money at some point.

I think you grasp the point I want to get.

The desire for riches is really the desire for a richer, more fulfilling and abundant, and that desire is praiseworthy. Who does not want to live more abundantly is abnormal, and therefore, the person does not want to have enough money to buy all he wants, can be considered abnormal.

We really are moving at different levels in our lives. We live in the physical plane, on the mental and emotional. None is better than the other, are equally pleasant, and none of them can live fully if either of the other is despised.

It is not right or noble to live only for the soul and deny mind or body, and also wrong one if you live only for the intellect and deny body or soul.

We all know the unpleasant consequences of living for the body and denying both the soul and mind, and we see that real life means the complete expression of all that man can give through the body, mind and soul .

Whatever else is said, no human being can be truly happy or satisfied unless his body is living fully in every function, and unless the same happens with your mind and your soul.

Really where there is some limitation, any chance some repression on undeveloped or some function that is not possible to carry out, there is an unsatisfied desire. Desire is possibility seeking expression, or function that seeks fulfillment.

And human beings can not live fully if your body does not have good food, comfortable clothing and warm shelter, and sufficient rest. Rest and recreation are also necessary for his physical life.

The minds of people can not live fully, without access to information, much less these days, not without the opportunity to travel or distracted, and even have intellectual company.

To live a full life mentally, we must have intellectual recreations, and surround ourselves with stimuli that allow us to develop our intellect.

To fully live our soul, we must have love, affection and love. And true love really is something that poverty and scarcity, is difficult. No matter how much television and the media try to make us believe otherwise.

We achieved a great happiness when we grant benefits to our loved ones, love finds its most natural and spontaneous expression in giving. The person who has nothing to give, which has no value to provide, to the satisfaction can not fulfill its role as a spouse, as parent / citizen.

Is in the use of material things, when the human being is experiential fullness to his body, develops his mind and reveals his soul.

Therefore, it is extremely important that you consider as one of your goals in life, to be rich.

You are perfect right to want to be rich. If you are a normal person, not unless you want to become one.

With the wealth and abundance, is not only possible to achieve develop our full potential and achieve a self-realization, but contribute to the world with the best possible contributions.

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