Introduction To Financial Freedom

The idea with this blog, is that you can understand the most of the principles required to build wealth and abundance.

Gradually he will publish articles that deal with everything related to this subject, and which is essential if you have not started your quest for freedom and quality of life before you start today to understand what it is this whole new world.

Thus, we often refer later to the term financial freedom.

And we will take into account all its shades and shapes to give you a range of possibilities, and start your path to financial success will be much easier.

Let’s start by saying then, that as human beings, we have lots of ideas and concepts from the education we have received since childhood.

Many of these concepts are in some way or another related to money, and usually, those ideas that have to do with money or wealth in abundance largely classified ultimately end up falling into a negative category.

And people do not realize many times, that is precisely the negative of seeing the money, which prevents them attract to your life with happiness and welfare.

Still others think that one must choose between happiness and money, that you can not do both at once.

Nothing further from reality.

Money is not everything in life, say many. But interestingly they say who precisely have money problems. If we look back, we are not going to revolve around money and we will give all our might, but most of the problems in Latin American households have to do with money.

This is a topic that many do not care and then wonder why they are in a situation as urgent.

Well, Financial Freedom is precisely the solution to this problem and as discussed below, requires a mental effort to get rid of those negative thoughts that prevent us from making more money.

But do not worry, that’s what this blog, just to help you build a strong mindset about money and that this and many other elements, you can start improving your life in terms of abundance, prosperity and quality of life.

What is Financial Freedom?

You may not have fully understand the concept, so I’ll try to explain in a simple manner.

You may see all around everyone going to work Monday to Saturday (some from Monday to Sunday) for money.

Furthermore, these individuals must wait months to get paid for and thus cover their overhead.

Well, would you believe me if I told you to get a job is not very good idea after all?

You may be working in a job at the moment and live it. But come to find it unpleasant to say that today is one of the worst decisions for the future of people, wanting to enrich others with our own efforts.

It turns out that when we are in a position of employment and pay us a salary, we’re actually doing is generarle the company an average dollar amount equivalent to 5 times what we paid.

This means that in our hands lies the potential to earn 5 times more money, doing what we do at work.

Now, financial freedom, does not seek to make us work for money, despite that we have that potential. What really is just looking to get rid of all work that has to be exchanged directly as a time to become money.

Financial freedom is precisely that intended to bring us to a state where it is not necessary to work for the money.

As you hear it.

But many fall into the trap of thinking that financial freedom is something that is achieved easily or quickly, and even many sell products to achieve this in a month and a few other crazy things.

This blog is the result of the search to help more people understand that this is a very long process. I am personally committed to providing the best content day after day, month after month and I know that year after year, until you can safely say that you are on the right track.

Obviously, while you are traveling this path, you’ll accumulate successes achieved and no doubt will generate money and abundance, you have to wait 5 years to enjoy fast life. Financial freedom has the great advantage that it allows you to adapt to whatever your situation and begin to make a radical shift in your life no matter if you’re making money, or if instead you’re in bankruptcy.

Some Examples Of Financial Freedom

Many come here thinking, “Well, this sounds great in theory Is it Really Possible?”.

And the truth is that much more to be possible, every day we see thousands of new cases of people becoming millionaires and retired young.

We have seen cases of people under 25 who have created successful businesses and generated whose fortune has given them that freedom.

But not all cases of financial freedom are famous. Many people achieve financial freedom and your neighbors do not even notice, precisely because it is a lifestyle that allows you to live very well without having to worry about money, and without the stress of being a millionaire many fear (stress generated mainly by paranoia).

An example is Robert Kiyosaki, in his time of great financial activity is devoted to the business of real estate, accumulating more and more apartments and houses for rent then.

Robert had more than 1500 apartments for rent, and a whole company around your business managing needful thing with real estate and rental companies.

Indeed, receive an income of 1500 apartments appear to be a number, more than enough for one to live the rest of your life without worry and with freedom. Besides having an army of collaborators in addition to earning money to live well, you ensure that your payments will be received every month.

But there are also smaller, everyday cases. For example, if the young man who created a web design company Internet and websites dedicated to selling to companies that hired it. After taking a few months working, decided to call a friend to collaborate, and subsequently had more partners and entire business running, so that he no longer needed to work, and could keep an eye on your business in general.

The funny thing is that the boy was 16.

We are talking about someone who earns more money each month, which even many investors from the stock market and Wall Street big people, which is just reaching its 20.

There are thousands of cases of people who have a blog with tens of thousands of daily visitors whose income from product sales or advertising exceeding $ 5,000 and cases like Steve Pavlina currently generates more than $ 50,000 a month.

There are also people who created courses and guides that have made money.

But I want you to notice something very important in each of these examples.

Do you see a pattern? Do you find something in common in all these cases?

This is precisely what connects them, what has allowed these and hundreds of thousands of others achieve financial freedom and is TAX.

All in some way or another have managed to help many more people than you could with a job. Those who have sold their courses massively for example, have succeeded in bringing effective solutions to many people, providing satisfaction and wellbeing particularly those who consume them, so they have fully earned their money.

We could go on citing examples of what is all about financial freedom and its application.

Perhaps the closest example we have me, I personally I have multiple businesses across the Internet, which at this time and since I started all this wonderful world, allowed me to not ever having to look for a job, now I have 22 years and I can say, I do not need to work, because basically I am routed in the way of success and financial freedom.

I do not mean to brag or to look good to my readers, but because many believe that these cases of financial freedom are quite far from their reality. For me, not only are far … but also part of my daily lifestyle.

Of course, it has not been easy and certainly I failed a lot, but the only way I have learned to discern what works and what I like, what works and what does not would never do for money.

I always look for ways to contribute to many people, this blog is a clear example in this. I do not plan to get rich with this blog, but if I plan to help many people and if something comes of remuneration in return, then will be fine. Anyway, my main mission is and always has been, to contribute, because I know that the only way, salaries make me increasingly freer.

The road to financial freedom is as exciting as it sounds. In principle, gives a little scary, it creates a little fear to be as unknown, but believe me, it’s worth.