How To Improve Your Online Store Sales Through Social Media

How To Improve Your Online Store Sales Through Social Media

Rising internet commerce is a top priority for many companies, big and small. Growing purchases across online platforms is a lot like bowling a strike; it sounds a lot simpler than it really is, whether you own a mom-and-pop retail shop or work with a massive ecommerce behemoth like Amazon.Fortunately, there are dozens of ways you can make more sales online, many of which you can implement right away.

How To Improve Your Online Store Sales Through Social Media

Some of these tips focus on specific strategies you can implement, whereas others are more generalized. In this post, we will be looking at such strategies, so whether you sell physical goods or run a service-based business, here are some actionable techniques you can use to increase online sales performance.

How To Improve Your Online Store Sales Through Social Media

Be There Wherever the Audience Is

The first rule in social media marketing is to target your followers on sites they use. You cannot expect to find your intended B2B clients by just signing up for Instagram. First, research the target audience to see when they are most interested. You can opt to be anywhere, but it might take a long time.LinkedIn, along with Facebook, might be a good place to start if you are approaching a B2B audience, which both have a large user base. Sprout Social discovered that the 18-29 age demographic controls all major social media networks, including LinkedIn. Keyhole is a fantastic platform for figuring out where the target demographic spends the most time online.

Your sales copy should be truthful.

This may seem self-evident, but I am always amazed by how many websites issue checks that their goods are unable to cash. Honesty in your copy is important not only for your company’s image, but it also fosters and promotes brand trust. Be truthful, concise, and approachable in all your sales copy, from your homepage to your email promotions. Don’t make promises you can’t back up, and don’t use hyperbole lightly. Today’s customers are hypersensitive to marketing BS, so be honest, straightforward, and approachable in all your sales copy. This theory also extends to the company’s positioning. Have you ever come across a website that seems to be run by only one or two individuals, but has a copy that would be more appropriate for a large corporation? This strategy not only makes you seem naive, but also undermines the reputation of your brand.

Make a subject cluster.

The concept of topic clusters is relatively recent. A topic cluster demonstrates to search engines that you have a thorough understanding of your content and therefore gives you more credibility on that subject. Assume you own a home goods store in Idaho. You may have a page dedicated to pots, a page dedicated to desserts, and a page dedicated to herbs and oils. What you want to do is come up with a big topic that can accommodate all three of those websites.You could write enough new content and connect to the other three pages to form more of a subject page than a keyword page if your topic or cluster is How to Cook Fish or Best Way to Cook Trout. Internal connections keep users on the site longer, allowing them to access the whole site rather than just a portion of it, and search engines love to see this kind of deeper interaction with your content.

Showcase Customer Testimonials and Signals of Trust

Customer input has never been more critical in today’s social media world. Fortunately, this ensures that one of the most important arms in the arsenal is testimonials, which your loyal buyers will offer.Using gushing testimonials and reviews from your hardcore brand evangelists gushing about how wonderful you are is much more influential than even the best-written sales copy, so make sure you have gushing testimonials and reviews from your hardcore brand evangelists gushing about how wonderful you are. These can be used on product pages, landing pages, price pages, and even the home page. Check out my article on the importance of consumer testimonials for more details.Similarly, using confidence signals would be a great way to boost online purchases because it provides a more positive impression of the brand in the prospect’s mind and can resolve objections ahead of time. If your company has some professional accreditations, display them prominently on your website. If you have a long list of happy customers, make sure to include it.

Collaborate with Influencers on Social Media

You have heard about influencer marketing and are curious as to why it’s so popular. Influencer marketing is a common marketing strategy because it is efficient. According to a study conducted by Twitter and Annalect, about 40% of Twitter users felt inspired to make a purchase after seeing an influencer’s tweet. The research also discovered that people’s confidence in influencers is equal to their trust in politicians. This clearly proves that using social media influencers to promote the brand and goods would almost certainly result in revenue, with ROI as high as 600 percent in some cases.

If you want to increase your social media revenue, you can tap into the strength of social media influencers.Encourage them to use your product in their photographs or videos in a strategic way or make them share a unique and entertaining storey about your business. You will also collaborate with influencers who can provide objective product feedback and/or tutorials and how-to content for your product.The possibilities are infinite, but if you want to increase revenue, having the influencers promote exclusive coupon codes is an easy way to do so.Daniel Wellington, for example, has been employing this technique consistently since their inception in 2011. With the aid of influencers, the wristwatch manufacturer was able to market one million watches in just three years.In 2015, the brand brought in $220 million in sales, up 214 percent from the previous year. To date, both top-tier influencers and micro-influencers have been marketing Daniel Wellington coupon codes.


These are some of the most successful ways to use social media to boost revenue for your business. As you can see, most of these suggestions revolve around gaining your target audience’s interest from other individuals – influencers and consumers alike. You should also make sure that your company is well-known among the right people. Often, take advantage of the ability to create content that can engage, entice, and entertain the audience.

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