How to make money staying at home

How to make money staying at home

You knew certainly that it is possible to earn money with the website. However, you probably do not know how this is successful – if you knew, you would have hardly reached this page, at least not using the Google search terms match money to the home page. But if you were using these keywords, you could well end up on this page that is optimized just for this word pair.

Make money from home

If you want to earn money from home pages, you should familiarize themselves with the search engine optimization. The most important thing is not to be cool or useful sites. Instead, you need a website, which many people enough to get lost. What is more, these people should be interested in the site’s subject matter. Interest, they should also seek information from a product or service that is sold online.

Why, then, is this necessary? Does any of the website can not make money?

Sure this is possible in principle. The problem comes, however, is that people who are looking for fun, or just information on the Internet, not to click on ads on sites. It is therefore quite unnecessary to imagine earn large sums of money on a site that will present even free games online. Free games are in fact interested in the games, pay to click on ads. Unfortunate, but true.

You might not believe, but I also earn money from this page. Earnings are not incredibly large, but not even one should always be gradual. And while these sites have the same level of a few dozen, beginning a month already become to some extent even the revenue side. So far, I consider that I could make money on the home pages or blogs so much that I do not need to do other jobs.

Having read the search engine optimization you need to take to create home pages monkey rage. One set of pages are not enough, little by little pile of dozens or hundreds of pages and sites. You will understand then that the home page may not be very high-quality content. If you want to earn money from home pages, you just have to be ready for any kind of marsh was as a rate of knots.

However, do not merely copy the pages of Wikipedia, for example, if you want to earn money. Indeed, Google detects that the website does not have anything of value to unique content. Nobody wants to read the Wiki simply copied from web sites, where the same road could read the original source. That is why the hard copy of the Google Sites lowest hell.

Making money on the home page must therefore be prepared to work in front of home pages. This does not mean that the website should be a great or spectacular. The important thing is just not even a rudimentary search engine optimization. This home page will be some visitors from Google.

A large part of the Google ad revenue comes mainly occasional visitors. So you need to blog home page or a large permanent readership, rather than like you need a few hundred or thousand visitors every day. Through Google will also be sensitive to your readers to click on ads distracting, if the page does not appear to have any useful content. There’s always someone a link to the ad could provide more interesting information. Perhaps even as kalutusta on earning money as a website.

Not hard to believe, but it is so.

And that is why I do this while the text increasingly more and more. Actually, I did not earn any money from the website if the website means the static pages. There is so much easier to use existing, free blog platforms such as this blog some. These, then, but added to the Google AdSense ad units and along the edges begin to write stories about how you can earn money from home pages.

I do not know whether a particular target smart about this page specifically to that word pairs (money to the website) for the purpose. Google’s only about twenty users per month just to use those two keywords. Hopefully at least some of them get lost on this page, which I wrote in ten minutes.

Twenty visits have not yet been much. But a few years, the page may already accumulate a few hundred bucks. Of these, a few percent of clicks on ads on the page, so I collected over the years, however, might be a reasonable per-minute salary this too.

The quality does not matter – the amount of trust!

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