How To Edit Footer In WordPress? Everything You Need To Know!

Edit Footer In WordPress

Editing footer in WordPress is very easy, and you can follow the simple steps given in this article to change the footer.

You can include any details you want in the footer section and also customize the layout by adding suitable footer widgets that are compatible with your theme.

How To Edit Footer In WordPress?

You can keep any content you want in the footer section of your website. However, in general, the footer section contains important links to your web pages along with contact information.

In the same manner, it also contains the copyright section and credits for developing the website. The footer needs not to be the same throughout the website, and you can have different footer designs and content for different pages on your website.

It depends on the theme you are using on WordPress and the features available in the theme to build the footer section.

Edit Footer In WordPress

Why is it necessary to edit footer on the website?

In most cases, the footer section contains copyright information about the developers of the website and the theme. Most people want to edit this section so that they can get a unique identity for their website.

 Edit Footer In WordPress

Apart from that, the footer section may also contain important links to your social media accounts and your contact details. Whenever there is a change in any of those things, you need to update the footer section of your website.

Some designers also include the latest information about the website in the footer section, and they have to change this section regularly. In this way, it all depends on what information you are putting in the footer section.

A simple way to edit footer in WordPress

It is very easy to edit the footer section on WordPress sites. All you need to do is log in to the Dashboard area and visit the Appearance section. From here, you can select the Customize option and go to the footer area.

 Edit Footer In WordPress

Once you are here, you can directly edit the footer area of your website.

Another option when you are using the theme is to visit the footer widget area of your theme. In this way, you can include different widgets and change the layout of the footer area.

If you are using a visual editor, you can drag and drop the widgets to the footer section and edit it in any way you want. You can also go to the widgets section and choose the “Manage with Live Preview” option if you are not familiar with the regular method of editing footers.

In this way, you get to see the layout, and it is possible to edit them in the relevant sections of your theme directly.

Editing footer in WordPress theme

If you are using a WordPress theme, you can still edit the footer by accessing the options provided by the theme. The method remains the same, and you will get additional options to customize the footer section as per your theme.

It is important to note that some themes do not allow you to change the copyright section if you use the free version of the theme. In that case, you can change everything else in the footer apart from the copyright section.

Your theme may even allow you to add widgets to design the footer section attractively. Some themes have fixed layouts for the footer section, and others provide you a blank layout and ask you to add different widgets to customize the footer area.

In that situation, you can directly access the relevant widget and change the footer content according to your requirement. If your theme allows you to manage the editing with live preview, you can directly change the footer section using such easy options.

How to add footer in WordPress?

When you want to add a new layout to the footer section in WordPress site, you can access the widgets section. Here, you can visit the footer option and choose suitable widgets for the footer area.

It is very easy to add a footer to the website in this manner.

Are there any problems with removing footer in WordPress?

There are no problems associated with removing the footer section in WordPress, even though it is not common practice. Some themes may not allow you to remove them due to copyright issues.

 Edit Footer In WordPress

However, in most cases, you can remove the entire section if you do not want to keep it in your WordPress site. It does not affect the performance of your site in any manner.

Is it possible to add a background image to the footer?

WordPress allows you to customize the footer section with the background image of your choice. You may have to use the HTML code to input the background image in most cases when your theme does not provide a built-in option to edit the background of the footer section.

In other cases, when you have the support of widgets, you can drag and drop suitable widgets into the footer section and include images of your choice.

You will be glad to know that you can even include many images or even a slideshow in the footer section according to your requirements.

Can we use HTML code in the footer?

It is possible to use HTML code in the footer section of your WordPress website. You can visit the footer section and choose the input option as an HTML code. In this way, you will be able to make suitable changes to the footer section.

Most people use this option when the footer section provided by the theme is very simple and does not provide options for styling the content with different fonts. However, some themes may restrict access to such input methods even though they are rare with WordPress themes.

Edit Footer In WordPress

In general, you can easily edit the footer using HTML code. These are some of the simple ways in which you can modify the footer in WordPress.

It depends largely on what theme you are using, and some themes may not allow you to change copyright credits. Apart from that, you can change most other things in the footer according to your needs.

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