How to earn money from my website

Earn money from my website

The basic, most important thing to make money online is to have a website. How do you make a free website or a paid one? It’s simple!

First, you need to choose a niche for your website, this will also determinate the domain name. Why? It is very important that the domain name to contain the main keyword, for what you want to optimize your website. After you get a good hosting and build an attractive design to your website, you can now make money with!

Choose a niche

You have choose your niche, and now you have a website running! What to do next? Search for other websites that gives affiliate programs or partnership programs that is based on your main keywords. Sign up to affiliate systems, that you consider it can generate good money putting them on your website.

After you have all your affiliate links, and placed banners site wide, now you have only one more thing to do! Make a hard link building and generate more and more traffic, bring more and more visitors and potential clients.

Don’t forget to update your website recently, because search engines like this, and this way can bring more traffic to you.