How To Change The Twitter Handle

How To Change The Twitter Handle

Your Twitter handle name is the name you use to log in, search your profile, and receive replies and direct messages from other people. This should not be confused with your display name, which can include symbols and emojis and is not required to be unique. If you arrived too late to obtain a username, your display name is also the perfect location to drop your true name.

How To Change The Twitter Handle

How To Change The Twitter Handle

The length of your Twitter username is limited to 15 characters, while the length of your display name is limited to 50 characters. Twitter has been operating for more than a decade, and the handle you chose when you were 13 may no longer be the one you want to be identified with. Fortunately, you may alter your handle and display name at any moment. Continue reading to learn how to modify your Twitter Handle name.

How to modify the name of your Twitter handle

As you may be aware, your Twitter account has two different types of names: username and display name. The former is the one that shows at the end of your Twitter URL and is used to log in. When you post a tweet, your display name appears beneath your profile picture or is highlighted.

Changing your handle name is a more deliberate decision because it is how others will find you online, how they will send direct messages to you, and it is the name of your account. However, the display name is only for entertainment purposes, and you are free to alter it as much as you wish.

Open the Twitter app and touch on your profile symbol in the top left corner to accomplish the latter. Select Profile from the menu that displays, then tap the Edit Profile button.

The text form for your name can be found at the top of the following screen. Simply pick it, erase the existing name, and enter your new one. To finalize your change, tap the Save button in the top right corner after you’re finished.

It’s also extremely simple to alter your username if you feel it no longer reflects your personality or current interests. According to Twitter, you will not lose any of your followers or prior tweets, but once you choose a new name, the old one will become available to others immediately, so you may not be able to change back.

It also suggests that you inform your friends and followers of your actions so that they aren’t left wondering who this new person in their feed is.

Open Twitter and tap on your profile symbol in the top left corner to change your username. Scroll down and pick Settings and privacy from the menu that displays. When you tap Account, you’ll see your current name in the Username area. You’ll be able to enter a substitute by tapping here.

You’ll get a notification from Twitter if the new one is accessible or not, so you might have to try a few before you locate the one you want. To complete the process, tap Done.

Read how to reset a Twitter password, block someone on Twitter, and delete all tweets on Twitter for more methods to stay safe and get the most out of your experience.

Also, If the username you seek is taken but no longer active, try personally contacting the account owner and asking if you can use it. A quick Google search will usually reveal a means to contact the person. Twitter has a severe policy against paying for usernames, so if the account owner insists on paying, be warned that you may be banned from the website.

Still, If you can’t get the username you want, try modifying it slightly to come up with something that’s both available and memorable. You may add a location (@FirmNameMA) or an underscore or hyphen (@Firm Name) as an example. However, keep in mind that your username counts toward the character count for any tweet that includes it.

How do I keep my followers from dwindling?

One option is to make a username change within your existing account. The simplest approach to alter your Twitter username is to alter it in your existing account’s settings. Log in to your Twitter account and go to Settings and Privacy by clicking on your profile picture.

Then, in the appropriate field, type your desired username. “Available!” appears if the username isn’t already taken. ” will show up. Now you may confirm your new username by saving your modifications. Finally, send a tweet to your followers letting them know you’ve changed your username, and then begin tweeting as usual!

The second option is to make a new account and “squat” on your current username. If you desire to “squat” on your existing username so that no one else can claim it in the future, this second, more complicated option is for you.

However, Twitter frowns on this and it is unlikely that you will need to do so unless you have specific concerns, such as the possibility that another user would take over your old chat history. 

The procedures include the following: Making a new Twitter account with any available username. This account will hold your @OldUsername after the changeover is complete. For the time being, any username will suffice. Log out of the new account, then log in to your old one, click your profile picture, then go to Settings and Privacy.

And then in the corresponding field, type your chosen @NewUsername. “Available!” will show if the username isn’t already taken. Make a backup of your work. You can now go into your @TemporaryUsername account and choose Settings and Privacy. Save your modifications after changing the username to @OldUsername.

Attempt to be consistent across all platforms

Now it’s time to update! Remember to alter any references to your Twitter account, including your website, other social media pages, email signatures, business cards, and marketing materials, once the new username has been established.

Also, remember to use this process whenever you’re messaging or a brand needs to change. Across all of your interactions with clients and prospects, your messaging should always be consistent in terms of substance and tone.

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