Google Adsense: Good News For Your Business

Like pretty much everything else in life, Google Adsense has its good points and its bad points. In this article, we’ll look at some of the pros and cons – exactly the sort of information you should consider before making any business decision.

Improve Adsense Earnings

The Good News

Google Adsense is easy to set up, user friendly, and, if it’s done properly, fits in well with your site. Unlike other online ad programs, it doesn’t turn your site into an ugly pop-up wasteland.

In terms of earning potential, that depends on two things – the amount of traffic you get on your site, and the sort of ads that your site triggers. As you might expect, certain niches and topics pay higher than others. If you get a high volume of traffic, you can expect to earn a nice trickle of income through Google Adsense. It won’t make you rich, but it’s money you don’t have to work too hard for, and, of course, if you’re running Adsense on several sites, those trickles can become a steady stream.

The Bad News

All systems are open to abuse, and Google Adsense is no exception. Certain unethical types have worked out ways to buck the system, by creating “made for Adsense” sites and artificially inflating traffic figures. These sites are inevitably boring, deliver little in the way of content and, in a sense, are cheating web users and the search engines.

The upshot of this practice is that everybody suffers. Google sandboxes new sites for longer, and the “Big Daddy” update penalised thousands of sites with large amounts of irrelevant links or pages. This sledgehammer-to-crack-a-nut approach affected legitimate businesses just as much as the quick buck merchants.

The other drawback to Google Adsense, of course, is that directs people away from your site. If you’re an online business trying to sell something, then you don’t want to direct your visitors to potential competitors via an Adsense link. So you need to balance potential ad revenue against potential loss of sales.

In conclusion, Google Adsense can be made to work very well as a complement to your existing online business, providing you use it correctly, and providing you don’t get penalised along with the more unscrupulous elements.