Fundamentals Of Artificial Intelligence – Types of Artificial Intelligence

Fundamentals Of Artificial Intelligence

In today`s world, everyone uses technology for their daily needs. Be it driving the car or using your phone, technology is present everywhere and we are constantly trying to upgrade this technology for serving our needs and making our life`s easier.

Fundamentals Of Artificial Intelligence – Types of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is one such technology that is making its way into our lives and making day-to-day jobs easier. 

Fundamentals Of Artificial Intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is also called AI. Artificial Intelligence is considered as an assumption of human intelligence on machines. Many of the applications of Artificial Intelligence include Natural Language Processing, expert systems, machine vision, and speech recognition. Artificial Intelligence helps a machine think and carry out certain tasks without human intervention. It’s like the machine has a brain of its own guided by the human principles and laws set on it.

The AI`s are helping us solve many of the world’s problems like finding a solution for the coronavirus were very much easier and fast as many of the supercomputers came together and did many of the complex mathematical expression and scientific calculations in times of need.

Types of Artificial Intelligence

  • Reactive Machines Reactive machines are the most simplest form of AI machines which are build do carry out only a specific set of task and react according to those things. Anything outside the scope of this machines world view wont be able to be handle. Example od reactive machines is the famous Deep Blue. Deep Blue was created by IBM people in the 1990 as a supercomputer which can play chess. Deep Blue could only identify the pieces on chess board and make a move accordingly. If a carrom board was give to this machine it wouldn’t know what to do with it as its world view is just the chess board and its pieces.
  • Limited Memory This time of machines stores the previous data or in some term known as predictions and using these historical data it predicts the next outcome which is to occur. There are 3 kinds of limited Memory: – Long Short Term Memory also known as LSTM`s, Evolutionary Generative Adversarial Networks also known as E-GAN and Reinforcement learning.
  • Theory of Mind This kind of AI is still in its initial phase and not yet fully introduced to the world. Theory of Mind AI can be easily found in self driving cars or robot fighting’s. Tesla cars is the best example of Theory of Mind AI. In this kind of AI the machines detects any changes in the environment and makes a decision which it has been programmed to do. However, it is to be noted that this AI doesn’t have emotional background, it wont change lanes if you said ot it that a particular lane is much faster al though it is against the law. Even this kind of machines are guided by basic laws and principles.
  • Self Aware This kind of AI is still a theoretical concepts are not yet existed in the real world. Self aware machines or AI can be the closest thing to humans a machine can get. This kind of machines are said to possess all the feelings like fear, hope and other emotions. However no scientist have been successful in developing Self Aware AI till now.

AI can be used in different aspects of our life. In Japan`s Robot convention in 2017, there were a few machines introduced that was capable of writing a whole speech for you when it was provided with the main keywords, These AI could write speech in less than a min with perfect English and making sure the speech was not bad for any community as well.

Many companies have a supercomputer that is used for doing complex mathematical and astronomical expressions which help in space exploration and other important aspects. The launch of a rocket to its landing there can be easily calculated by a supercomputer with results of what could go wrong in the simulation and how to fix it will also be provided by the AI.

AI is definitely changing our world and people are learning more and more about how they can make this technology better for our sake.

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