Free Money Online

Everyone is looking for free-money-online. Searching and finding new ways to make money is not easy. Most of internet users are making money online from ads, others advertise with different advertising networks, or affiliate systems.

I’m going to tell you how to make your first steps making money online.

Make money with ads networks:

First you will need a blog or a website. For example you can make a blog on or There are for free.

Put unique content on your blog, or website, and make some backlinks. After this you can register to Google Adsense, this is the most popular advertising network, and they pay the higher rate. Need to wait a few days because they will approve (or not) your site.If your site is rejected, you need to put more content on it, and try it few days later.

After you get in, generate your codes, and put them on your website, and see what is happening….

Your visitors will click on your ads, and you will make money every day!

Make money from affiliate system

For example, I will take the most popular template affiliate system: TemplateMonster

This is the biggest template store on internet, and hundred of peoples buy every day, million of templates. You can be one of their reseller. You can earn 20% of your sells. So if you sell a template for $55, your commission will be $11. Just place some banners on your site. With this system can make hundred of dollars every month, doing nothing… just let the banners talk.

It is very easy to make free money online. Just search for more ideeas, and build your website. Everyone can make money on the internet, just don’t loose your faith in it.