Features And Ability Of The Alternatives Or Pretty Links

Features And Ability Of The Alternatives Or Pretty Links

Are you a professional affiliate marketer you might have faced troubles in your work, and which may end up to mistakes at least in your same routine daily job Especially when you are working in an office handling crucial work schedules, mistakes like mismanaging and mistrack are more likely to happen when you are working for completing targets at the same are you tired or bored of daily affiliate marketing work? As an expert in this field, you might hear or used the pretty links as a primary solution, but the question is are you satisfied with the features and ability of the pretty links? 

Brief Review Of The Various Pretty Links

It is a fact that Pretty Links lacks the functionality needed to really take your blog to the next level. Also, an affiliate link tracking system should be a core part of your affiliate marketing toolbox. But if you want to become a super affiliate, you need to not only track the source of clicks but more importantly track conversions. Unfortunately, Pretty Links lacks this functionality too. There is much more to affiliate marketing than just a pretty link. So, if you are in search of a legit and much more featured affiliate marketing enhancer this review is the right place for you. So, let us look at the brief review of the various alternatives for pretty links.

Features And Ability Of The Alternatives Or Pretty Links
  • Click meter: For affiliate systems and affiliate networks that offer trackbacks, ClickMeter allows you to track conversion data all in one place. No longer do you need to visit multiple affiliate systems to measure performance. Plus, for the merchants that do not have a trackback option, you can supply a conversion pixel that will send your conversion data to ClickMeter.For the more advanced user, ClickMeter supports the passing of custom data to their service, along with a full-featured application programming interface (API). This allows me to track conversions from paid traffic so the user can determine which track source converts better and which link on my site gets the most conversions.
  • Lasso: The Lasso enables and sanctions the needs of affiliate marketing sites; thus, it is one of the best Pretty Links alternatives for us here at Compare Before Buying. First off, its display boxes look fresh and scroll-stopping. They come in different conversion-optimized templates that can be modified to suit your brand’s palette and what content you want to display. You can also group products so they will show up next to each other for easier comparison. On the backend, Lasso’s interface is intuitive, and the dashboard makes it easy to manage links. Lasso shows right away when you have broken links, out-of-stock products, or keywords that can be monetized. You can choose your own permalink to cloak your link with or it will automatically generate one for you depending on the product name. If you are an Amazon Associate, Lasso automatically detects if the primary URL you included is an Amazon link and will not cloak the link for you. This reduces the risk of violating Amazon’s rules and consequently getting your account shut down. 
  • AAWP: If you are an Amazon specialized marketer with a full focus on amazon-based work then you need something better than Pretty Links. Pretty Links really is not best suited for Amazon’s affiliate program. At the core, Pretty Links is just a link management system. If you want to fully monetize using Amazon’s Associate’s program, you need to pull Amazon’s product, pricing, and image information automatically. This why I recommend AAWP. AAWP is a WordPress plugin. Its core strength is not tracking. In fact, the plugin has no built-in click or conversion tracking and reporting. AAWP’s strength is in its ability to pull information directly from Amazon’s site.
  • Thirsty affiliates: Out of all the Pretty Links alternatives on our list Thirsty affiliates is the most similar in terms of features and fees. This comes as no surprise as Caseproof, the company that owns Pretty Links, recently acquired ThirstyAffiliates. On top of the standard link cloaking and shortening functionality, ThirstyAffiliates also lets you schedule links, redirect to the correct store depending on the reader’s location, automatically choose keywords, and connect with tools such as Google Analytics and Amazon. You can also easily view link metrics on its dashboard and export data in a breeze. 
  • ClickMagick: It has similar features to ClickMeter along with some newer features for the power of affiliate marketer. However, unfortunately, this service is not as easy to use. In fact, there are many advanced options that even some of the most advanced affiliates may not use. Setting up a new merchant can be a daunting process and not as user-friendly as it is with ClickMeter. But if you are looking for a unique feature, it’s more than likely ClickMagick offers it.

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