Expansion Of Facial Recognition Technology – The Ways Explained!

Facial Recognition Technology

Science has made a few strides in the innovation sector. More so in the recent decades. These strides were also made in the expansion of technologies like facial recognition technology. But, first, if you did not fully know how this works, then let us tell you. 

Facial recognition technology plays a great role in identifying a person’s identity. As the name suggests, it uses the face to do that. It can be used to recognize individuals in real life, in pictures, and in videos. Technology is a part of biometric security. 

Other than facial recognition, biometric security also includes fingerprint recognition, voice recognition, eye recognition, and much more. This technology is mostly used for seci=urity concerns, but there are a few organizations out there using it for the sake of attendance too. 

How Does Facial Recognition Technology Work?

Facial Recognition Technology first needs to be installed and people have to be made familiar with it by way of FaceID. This is you registering your face into it, which is just a one-time thing and then it just authenticates the people every time they come across it. It detects a face, analyses it onto its system, converts the image into data, and then finally finds a match. 

Facial Recognition Technology

How Has Facial Recognition Technology Expanded? 

Here are the few ways in which the expansion of Facial Recognition Technology has taken place:

  • Law Enforcement 

Whether it is used to find the missing people or to keep track of criminals, law enforcement is the very first on this list. This is because the biggest benefit of Facial Recognition Technology is to the law enforcement people. The technology makes it easy for the officers to identify people at their own convenience, from anywhere. This makes their jobs easier and the cities much safer. 

  • Phone Lock

Almost everybody has a smartphone these days. With new and latest features rolling out with each model, it is only fair that a smartphone at least has Facial Recognition Technology in it. That is exactly what is happening. As technology is the most reliable way to protect data, every phone these days has this technology. This makes it inaccessible to people other than you, especially if it is stolen. 

  • Student Or Employee Attendance

Facial Recognition Technology comes in handy to make sure that the student and the employees are coming to school and workplace respectively on time. This does not only help with knowing the facts as much as it helps in making sure that every person is giving the expected output. This also keeps them regular and has the operations running smoothly. 

  • Healthcare

Healthcare has always been easy with the increase of innovations in the sector. Facial Recognition Technology has provided an efficient as well as a quick way to study the patient. The technology comes in handy to help identify the prescribed medications, genetic diseases, and several other patient records. With greater use, the technology will soon find its way to the whole sector, and that too at lower costs.

  • Marketing

Marketers know how to leverage any opportunity that comes their way. This also includes Facial Recognition Technology. As there is rarely an opportunity that should be missed in the marketing field, some marketers have cracked the code to successful campaigns. From recording the audiences’ reactions to movies in cinema halls to creating tailored advertisements, marketers surely have got it right. This does not only help the marketers but also in the overall consumer experience which will definitely be increased with the use of technologies like these. One only needs to know how to use it for their benefit. 


You may have been touched by the Facial Recognition Technology in some or another way. You may have seen it or come across it. While the technology has been making long strides, recent data concludes that almost half of the population of the world has been touched by it by now. The number is only increasing every second. The technology has made its way from giant business organizations and law enforcement to every single smartphone out there. And it is still finding its way into our daily lives efficiently each day.  

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