Double Your Dish Network Affiliate Check

Here are some valuable tips on how you can potentially earn ten times as much as you are earning as a Dish Network affiliate. Most of whom are satisfied with several hundreds of dollars in a month.  But here’s your chance to turn  $300 to $3000 in no time at all.

How to improve affiliate earnings in short time

First, although the largest Dish Network affiliate program brags of their 250,000 affiliate base, they offer one of the lowest paying commissions in the industry today. Imagine making only $50 for each sale. By switching to a higher paying program, you can easily double or triple your earnings. So go for promoting the Best Dish Network affiliate program.

Second is to generate leads by collecting email addresses. It usually takes about 5 messages to make a sale. People do not normally make a purchase on the first contact, that is the reality of it.  Therefore, it would be beneficial to collect the contact information of your visitors prior to sending them to the Dish Network’s website. You may use free reports or ebooks as a come on for visitors to give you their email addresses. This is so you can make follow-ups to remind them to order their satellite TV. Aside from this, you can use the same database to send out other marketing messages and promotions to continuously earn commissions instead of just a one-time sale. Once you have built a credible and trusting relationship with your subscribers, it will be easier to make sales in the future. Do this by sending them useful information constantly and not just throw out sales pitches here and there.

Thirdly, once you have proven to be a successful satellite affiliate, one who is able to generate substantial sales, then you can go up to your retailer and discuss a potential increase in commission rate for the sales that you make. Dish Network dealers are aware of the value of strong satellite affiliates.  They understand that one successful affiliate has the ability to drive hundreds of sales.  And since Dish Network pays retailers minimal remaining commission for each customer, retailers themselves may be willing to pay power satellite affiliates even if it means an initial loss for a potential gain in sheer volume of new customers.

Do not be embarrassed to ask your retailer for a higher commission rate. Just remember to be reasonable about your demands. Your retailer will most probably consider increasing your commissions in anticipation of future gains from new customers.

The 3 tips above can most certainly increase your earnings in significant proportions over a short period of time. Remember to choose a Dish Network affiliate that offers a higher commission. Doing this can not only double but triple your earning capacity. Build your leads by collecting those email addresses.  Not only will this database offer future earning but a potential lifetime source of income.  And lastly, once you have reached the status of being a power satellite, don not be shy to negotiate with your retailer for a higher commission.