Do you read testimonials?

For example, you want to buy a new product, or service. What steps do you follow doing this? Are you just sign up to the website, add the product/service to your cart and check out?

Yeah, many people do like this, but if you want a good product/service, that worth the money, you should make a little search and read some testimonials, reviews, or just simply contact them an answer about their product/service.

Usually, when I’m going to buy something from a company and never bought from them before, I send a mail and waiting for an answer. If the testimonials and reviews are good, and I get a really friendly answer from they, certainly I buy the product.

How to save money

There are many companies that offer free, trial period to try out their product or service. Many of them also offer free products and service near their main products. This is a very good tip to save money. Other tip to save money is to join their affiliate system if it’s any, because if you refer a friend or a new customer, you can earn money, that can help you to get back your investment worth.

Well, buying a service or a product, you will do this to grow up your business potentials, so  if you boy a SEO service for example, you really need to have a good product that can generate sales, and can push your business to top.

In final, buying a product or service you can also make money, but take care and read testimonials before your are getting cheated.