Common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

I am sure that by now, you know that affiliate marketing is a brilliant way to earn those dollars online.  It is really no secret.

How to be a good affiliate marketer?

But be careful not to fall into the trap of choosing an affiliate program just because they pay the highest commission rate. It is not as simple as signing up, bringing traffic to the site through your link and taking home the commissions. This can often be a beginner’s mistake.

Of course there is nothing wrong with an affiliate program that gives a high percentage commission pay out. But it should not be the only consideration that should matter. What is as important is to find an affiliate program that meets certain standards.

First is that you should want to drive traffic to a product that already sells. You shouldn’t waste time and effort trying to promote a site that does not win over visitors. Find a product that has a good conversion rate. The more salable the product, the easier it is to get commissions.

Second of all, you should find an affiliate program that protects its affiliates. Choose one that is concerned over your best interests. Look for one that provides you with support and tools such as emails and banners  so that you can promote the site effectively. Remember to also check on their payment method and go for a program that only has one payment option. The risk of having more than one payment option is that you can get shortchanged for some transactions You have to make sure that you get credited for every referral that you make.

Thirdly, veer away from an affiliate program whose primary goal is to capture email addresses.  An affiliate program focused on leads is not in your best interest. As an affiliate marketer, you should build your own list of leads and then convert these prospects into concrete sales. This is how it should be and this is how you start earning through the program. A program that focuses on email courses does not give you the sale and therefore does not benefit you at all.

What is critical is to choose the right affiliate programs to partner with. Affiliate marketing is unquestionably a fantastic way to make money but you should be able to differentiate quickly whether a niche is profitable or not as this can save you time, money and effort.

And finally, never believe anyone who says that a niche is already too saturated to enter. Industries like insurance, gambling, credit repair are some of the popular ones today. Remember, you can be successful in these niches even if there seems to be an over supply of promoters for them. What’s important is to let your creativity, imagination and ingenuity run free and look at other methods in lead generation.

You’ll never really know how much potential you have till you have tried it for yourself.  You might just be amazed at how well it works out for you!