How To Change Video Thumbnails On Facebook – Step By Step

How To Change Video Thumbnails On Facebook - Step By Step

The main goal if you consider yourself as a blogger, vlogger, or marketer promoting your business, is to be on the top of the list with maximum viewers and popularity. The competition for that is tough. To achieve your desire as a popular influence these days is to create video content especially on platforms like Facebook. It is also a fact that Facebook is emerging as the next big thing when it comes to videos after YouTube, even bigger than the latter. Video ads have also gained a lot of attention on Facebook. According to social media analytics firm Quintly, Facebook outshined YouTube by 478% in terms of video shares. One should not forget that Facebook videos present a huge opportunity to make your brand visible in front of a highly targeted audience and enhance reach, engagement, and conversion. Statistically speaking, Facebook boasts of 2.27 billion monthly active users worldwide and 8 billion daily video views.

Steps To Follow For Updating Video Thumbnails.

Nowadays video contents are very much trending still competition remains as a barrier there too to win this competition of video making the content should look attractive in a first look. The basic option to make your video content attractive is giving it a perfect thumbnail. It is very easy to do now since there is an option enabled to customize the user choice in video thumbnail on Facebook. So, let us see how it works and how to change the video thumbnail on Facebook.  

As I told Facebook now supports a custom thumbnail feature for videos. Your only option is to select from the 10 thumbnails which Facebook selects randomly. One suggestion which I would like to give you here is, add your image within the video at the time of editing and before production. This way, you are more likely to create a thumbnail that will have great CTR. If you have done it with earlier videos, then it is great else start doing it from your next video. For now, let us look at the steps which you need to follow to select the video thumbnail of Facebook video.

How To Change Video Thumbnails On Facebook - Step By Step

Step1: Upload the video to your Facebook profile.

Depending upon the size of your file, it will take somewhere around 30 seconds to 10 minutes for your video to be uploaded on Facebook. Once your upload is complete, a Facebook video image will be chosen by default to make things easier for you. But often, the thumbnail may not be as “clickable” as you would like it to be. At times, default thumbnails are not even relevant to the content.

Step2: Select the edit mode.

In this second step, the user just needs to click on the video in the full-size mode to edit it. Go to the ‘Options’ tab in the bottom right corner. Next, choose the ‘Edit This Video’ option.

Step3: Editing the thumbnail

As you select the above option, you will be greeted with several ways to edit the video such as title, description, and more. Jump to the ‘thumbnail’ section where Facebook will give you a total of 10 default thumbnails to choose from. If you find an appropriate one from the list, click on it and then select ‘Save’ to update the Facebook video thumbnail image.

These are the 3 simple steps to follow for changing the thumbnails on Facebook with its available inbuilt options. If the 10 default thumbnail options do not satisfy you, Facebook has now come up with the option of uploading a customized thumbnail. You can update your older videos with customized thumbnails of your own or upload new ones in the upcoming videos you post on your profile. Simply, create the image beforehand and upload it by selecting ‘Add Image’ next to the ‘Custom Image’ option. 


Thumbnails are the first thing you notice about a video or an image. A thumbnail is a small-sized version of an image or video that has been named so, as its size compares to that of a human thumb. The title of the video along with the thumbnail plays an important role in the video marketing strategy.

A catchy custom video thumbnail goes a long way in making sure that the viewer clicks through to your video. It gives a sneak-peek into the video’s content and gives the viewer an idea of what they are about to see. A great Facebook video thumbnail image will make your video content stand out amongst the others. I hope this review made you understand how to change the thumbnails on Facebook.

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