Best Domain Name Suggestion Tools – Top Six

Best Domain Name Suggestion Tools

In today`s world, everyone uses the Internet to get some sort of information. Many people use the internet to for passing their time by visiting various blogging sites or watching videos. The Internet has become essential stuff for today. 

What Is A Domain Name?

A domain name in simple terms is known as your website address present on the internet. This address is what people put in their browsers to reach your website, examples include or 


Many people remember domain name by how catchy or cool it sounds. Many websites owners have claimed that due to the catchy domain names they got free word of mouth marketing and saw an increase in their customer base. This is true for sales as well, as the domain name is funny or cool people are curious to click and see what it is.

What All Should You Consider While Creating A Domain Name?

🌐 Should be easy to follow and less sophisticated.

🌐 Do not use hyphens as it makes it hard for the users to remember.

🌐 Make it as short as possible but still catch.

🌐 Try to get a .com extension as this is the most recognized all around the world.

🌐 Try to avoid having double letters in your domain name.

Best Domain Name Suggestive tools


Nameboy – Nameboy is considered the best domain name generator around the world and is also one of the oldest ones in the market launched in 1999.


Nameboy is very easy to use and has a user-friendly GUI. In this all you need to put is keywords for your websites and the application will design all the available names in the market and you can choose anyone from the list. Nameboy will make sure that the list presented to you is fresh and is not in use by anyone else


WPBeginner is the best tool for business name generators. Along with the domain name, WPBeginner also shows a list of extensions that can be used.

WP Beginner

You can cross-match the domain name with the extension and see which is better and WPBeginner will let you know if that combination is available or not in the market.


IsltWP is a well-known tool in the IT market for domain name generation. In IsltWP you can list many keywords and the AI search will help you find the best name associated with your keywords.


There is a feature to find the synonyms of your keywords-based domain name as well in this tool.

Lean Domain Search

This is considered as one of the most authentic software out on the internet for domain name generation. The tool will help you come up with a combination of keyword domain names or even display results based on a single keyword as well.


 It also predicts the number of people you will reach with a particular domain name and how relevant a domain name is for the keywords entered.

Name Mesh

In Name mesh, you can enter 2 to 3 keywords and it will try to find a combination of these names and give you a short domain name as per your need. This tool also checks for other names if the ones selected get taken out.

Name Mesh works with different extensions like it, com, mobile, EU, in, and many more.


Panabee is one of the easiest software that can be used to generate domain names based on the keywords specified.


Panabee provides alternate meanings for your keywords and searches in those fields too. Panabee helps to search the Apple and Google Play for seeing domain name search as well. 

The above tools will help you generate a good domain name based on the keywords you have put out there. Many of the tools also help you with keyword generation so that you can select the right domain name for your business or for your blogs.

Most of the above-listed software’s are free of cost and there is no hidden charge. Domain names are really the most important thing while establishing yourself on the internet as this is the first point of contact between the user and your business, so make use of the tools to create good domain names.

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