How To Auto-Publish Facebook Posts On Twitter?


It is not about going to an office and making money these days there is a wide variety of interesting professions. All you need is to look around you. You do not need to be a professional influencer you can take it as a passion too if you are active on several social networks, it can be a real pain trying to keep up with all your accounts.

When you want to spread some of your thoughts on current affairs or write some recommendations for your next phone, or simply complain about the weather, having to go to each service and send the same message to each and then return to each so you can follow any responses is time-consuming and inconvenient, to say the least.

How To Auto-Publish Facebook Posts On Twitter?

One way around it is to use a social network manager that lets you monitor, and post to, more than one social network at a time. But what if you can divert your posts from one social media platform to another is not it a little more relaxing that you do not need the support of a third-party source.

So, if you are an active Facebook user who wants to share your thoughts and post to your Twitter account this review could help you to demonstrate it verbally. 

How To Auto-Publish Facebook Posts On Twitter?

Guidance to publish Facebook posts on Twitter. 

To be able to do this, you need to make sure that a few settings are correct on your Facebook. First off, you need to make sure your app platform is turned on so that other apps can connect to it.

Go to your Account settings, followed by General Account Settings. Click on Apps left side to get to app settings here, the platform option needs to be set to On. The other thing you need to confirm is the privacy setting of your posts themselves.

For then to cross-postable, the individual settings for it need to be switched to Public. You can do this manually on each post, or via the Privacy settings page. The following refers to a complete tutorial to perform publishing of Facebook content on Twitter. 

Linking your Facebook account to Twitter.

Once you have verified your app and privacy settings, you can link your Facebook profile and any Facebook pages that you have to your Twitter account. To link your accounts, you need to go to your browser address bar, and visit Then Link My Profile to the Twitter page appears. For linking your Facebook profile to Twitter, click Link My Profile to Twitter.

To link any Facebook pages to Twitter, click Link to Twitter next to each page you want to link. The Authorize Facebook to use your account? page appears. Then enter your Twitter e-mail or username and password in the appropriate fields.

Followed by this click Authorize app. App authorization may take a few moments. Once the authorization is complete, a page appears displaying a list of the types of posts that can automatically be posted to your Twitter feed.

Now the user is required to Deselect the check box next to any types of posts that you do not want to be automatically posted to Twitter. And finally, click Save Changes. This change takes effect immediately. Any future posts (of the type that you indicated in the previous step) will now be automatically posted to Twitter.

 Activate cross-posting.

There are two ways to end the cross-posting if you no longer want it. You can either do it on Twitter or Facebook. For the former, log into your Twitter and go to your settings. Under the Apps section there, you will see a list of all the apps that can access your Twitter including Facebook.

Simply revoke access there, and the auto-posting will stop. If you want it back, you can either set it up from scratch or if you have not left the Apps page yet, you can click the Undo revoke access button there.

Be aware that once you have closed or left that page, the undo button will no longer be there, and you will have to set it up from scratch after all. The second option is to revoke access via Facebook.

Go back to the page, and you will be able to turn off auto-posting for post types. By turning it off for all types, there will effectively be no more posting. You can turn it back on at any time. If that is not enough, you can unlink Facebook from Twitter as well – by clicking on the Unlink from the Twitter button on the page.

I hope this review helps you to understand there is a way to save time and increase productivity with these two sites by allowing your Facebook posts to automatically post on your Twitter account.

This makes your social media life much easier to manage because the user only needs to log in to one social media account while being able to post to both simultaneously. In addition to this, the user gets to choose which types of Facebook posts that you want to be automatically posted to your Twitter feed.

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