6 tip to generate more money from your ads

6 tip to generate more money from your ads

Color print ads can bring you sales, even in this online age. Here are six surefire ways to max out your ad campaign.

Get more money from ads

1. What’s In It For Me?
This is the question everybody reading your ad will ask, so you’d better answer it. Tell your readers how you will solve their problems, and show them how life will be better with your product or service than it is without it. If you can get “before” and “after” pictures that demonstrate the amazing benefits of whatever it is you’re selling, so much the better. Discover how to create your small business from home the right way, and then turn it into a $500 per day income when you watch this Free Kibo Code Quantum Webinar.
2. Freebies
People love free stuff. The word “free” sets pulses racing, so make sure you use it in your print ads. Offer free gifts or prizes, and make your audience work for it. People also love competitions. From your point of view, making your audience enter a contest with the promise of a free prize at the end of it gives you more opportunity to sell to them.
3. Social Conscience
Be the sort of business people want to do business with. Use your color print ad to highlight your charitable donations and show your social conscience. Who would you rather buy from? An evil greedhead corporation, or a business that gives something back? Perhaps you could donate a proportion of each purchase to charity. That way your customers get to feel good too.
4. The Personal Touch
Everything’s uniform and corporate and chain store these days, so people crave the personal touch. Put your picture on your color print ad, and scan in your own signature or handwriting.
5. Say Nice Things
If somebody’s said something nice about you, include it in your ad. Testimonials are social proof that people can do business with you, and social proof is very compelling. If you’re a new business, and you don’t have testimonials yet, get the next best thing – an endorsement from an expert in the field. If your local media has featured your business in a story, include that in your print ads too.
6. Star Power
Everybody loves a celebrity, and if a celebrity endorses your product, everybody will love your product too.

In the end, an effective color print ad campaign involves making your product and service stand out from the crowd, creating good feelings in your audience, and connecting those good feelings with your business.

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