3 Best Email Lead Generation Software In 2020- All Need To Know!


The primary question that every person wonders when they set up their own organization or even wonder about the other organizations is: where does the sales process start?

3 Best Email Lead Generation Software In 2020

The answer to that is- the customers. Now you may wonder where to target the large audience? what is the platform?

The answer to that is the Lead Generation. Lead generation is the secret to achieving higher conversion rates and growing the ROI by evaluating data analytics and collecting relevant information. Here is the 3 best email lead generation software that is very popular in 2020.


1. Optinmonster

OptinMonster is the popular WordPress lead generation tool used by more than 1,000,000 websites. According to LCS2 Reviews, It helps you to build stunning attention-grabbing option types that have been shown to improve conversions. It helps you turn more of your website visitors into email subscribers and customers.

Due to huge demand, the OptinMonster was later converted into a stand-alone application. This means that it can be found not only on WordPress but also on other websites such as Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, etc.

What do you get with OptinMonster?

Beautiful Optin Type Designs – The OptinMonster Designer helps you to make beautiful optin shapes that are designed for the highest conversion levels. You can make a range of optin shapes, such as lightbox popups, floating frames, sidebar slides, post shapes, sidebar shapes, welcome gates, coupon wheels, and more.

Exit-Intent Technologies – Do you know that more than 70 % of people who leave the website will never come back? The Exit-Intent ® technology senses the actions of the tourist and invites them to take a personalized initiative at the very moment they are about to leave. OptionMonster now has an out-of-the-box smartphone app.

Page – Level Targeting – Do you want to view a targeted message on a different website or category? Ah, you’re good! OptinMonster’s page-level targeting module helps you to target specific sites so that you can create a hyper-targeted email list.

A / B Testing – The easy-to-use A / B split test module helps you to push the conversion levels to the next level. No more wondering what’s going on. Check various articles, titles, formats and designs to see what’s going to be the best. The more you check, the higher the conversion rate would be.

2. Sendinblue

SendinBlue, which starts at $25 per customer a month for the Lite Package, is an email marketing tool for small to medium-sized enterprises ( SMEs). It features a well-designed and easy-to-learn framework that not only includes email marketing, but also supports updates, some scheduling, and simple customer relationship management ( CRM) capabilities. Already an excellent option for companies needing email marketing and SMS capabilities, SendinBlue is expanding its 2020 range of apps. This year there will be additional language support (including Italian and Dutch), a new Forms Editor, the option to manage multiple accounts per client, and an improved User Center and integration website.

SendinBlue’s email marketing technology has been built in response to one of the greatest obstacles faced by small-to-medium-sized enterprises: automating email marketing on a budget.

The pros in applications that SendinBlue provides us with are Low cost plans, Landing Page Editor, SMS Marketing Tool, Deliverability, Landing Page Editor, Solid Email Automation.

Along with the best features, the Sendinblue also has few drawbacks. It has limited integrations and free plan sending limits. One can only send 300 free emails.

3. Auroleads

AeroLeads (aeroleads.com) is a versatile prospect and lead generation tool that looks at hundreds of sources and pulls in details such as location, name, company name, company phone number, etc.

A Powerful Prospect Generation Software that collects emails and phone numbers from companies and individuals. One can export the data to CSV or pass it to other CRM and marketing applications.

Aeroleads caters to businesses of all sizes with the best of costs ranging from 49$/month to 1000$ annually.

The best applications of AeroLeads are:

  • Google Chrome Plugin– Helps you to collect real-time data for future prospects.
  • Integration– seamlessly move data to other licensed applications, such as Salesforce, Zapier, and more.
  • Variety of Service Services– Choose the best package and payment choices to satisfy the company’s needs.
  • Excellent Customer Care– AeroLeads support department is committed to the prompt settlement of inquiries.
  • Free Trial– Launch a free trial with 10 credits and plan to use a free account before testing the rewards received.

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